Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm sure y'all have gotten pretty used to my WILW with the sweetest Jaime, but it's just perfect for me so here ya have it

I'm loving... that my little Lauren & I have SUCH great times together. For example:

*We go to church together
*We go to prayer together (which was AMAZING Monday night)
*We pray for each other during tough times
*We have slumber parties
*My lover lovers her
*We can sing AT.THE.TOP.OF.OUR.LUNGS to David Crowder's, OH! How He loves us! Amazing.
*We laugh & joke the entire time we're together, yet we also have us some pretty deep & meaningful convo's as well.
*We can eat at Abuelos 2 days in a row (don't judge) & not even feel bad about it
*We have coffee & cake ball dates, 'nuff said. She's the real deal, y'all.

I'm loving... my post below this one because it is SO TRUE!

I'm loving... this cute, vintage bathing suit. I wish I could find one for our beach trip

I'm loving... The Bachelor Pad. Anyone else just love Mondays night because of this rridiculous reality TV show?? HA! Oh Vienna & Casey, lay off Jake. You two are WAY too hot headed for me to handle. And sweet Ella, PLEASE win that money for your son!

Moving on...

I'm loving... that I  have started my 101 in 1001. So far I have 73. I'm hoping to finish soon, & do a blog about it. You know, to keep me accountable. :)

I'm loving... this little fortune I got whilst eating Pei Wei last night :)

I'm loving... these pretty fall outfits

I'm loving... this.

11 sweet comments...:

Brittany said...

Love your fall outfits!

Blue said...

I love it when people do a 101 in 1001! I really need to do one myself, I'm such a listmaker, I'm actually surprised I havent started my list yet... Maybe because 101 things are a little daunting...

AmandaDF said...

Great Fall outfits! I can't wait for cooler weather!

Katie said...

Oh I love those outfits! So ready for fall! I also love that quote - so very true! Have a great Wednesday!

Savannah said...

Sounds like you have such a great friend! That's so awesome, I miss my girls so much! And how awesome is your fortune, definitely the best one I've ever seen! The last fortune cookie I got didn't have a fortune in it...haha definitely not good!

Kit said...

Great things you are loving today!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along girl!

Love all those fall outfits and that fortune :)

Amber Marie said...

mmmmm Pei Wei! That is an epic fortune! Love it :)

Ashley said...

dont you just love getting fortunes that make you smile :)

Marian said...

Loving those fall outfits as well!!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving that you're loving me! I'm blessed to have such a sweet best friend :)