Friday, December 31, 2010

Its almost 2011......

..... and I have been a bad, bad blogger :(

SOOOO much to catch y'all up on, its overwhelming. I think I'm just going to TRY & do it with pictures, because who doesn't like pics?!!? :):):)

OK, and before I start...A. These will be so mixed up, but I'll leave ya with some subtitles, and B. they are all from my iPhone, & a new app called SHAKE

{Christmas Eve...with our sweet girl}
{Sung Silent Night by candle light at our Christmas Eve service..}
{We went home December 23-28}
{Made breakfast for dinner...aka "brinner"}
{Made Christmas buttons}
{My momma & me on Christmas day}
{She hated it...}
{Acted like big ol dorks, and attended a Tacky Sweater Christmas Party}
{Traveled here & there with my girl}
{Made gingerbread houses...}
{While I ate all the my PJ's, hehe}
{My grandpa is a firefighter, so every year my Nannie has a special tree for him :) }

Let me just say - I am blessed!!!!! We are hangin' low tonight...not doing anything too fancy. I have been sick (boo), so I'm not up for anything big. I love reading everyone's New Years Resolutions post, gives me some motivation. I on the other hand, have yet to write mine. I'm taking down the Christmas tree & all the decor (insert sad face here), writing my NYR's, & going grocery store shopping because we are have a big feast tomorrow! :):)

Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Its FINALLY time for WILW! :):)

I'm lovin' ...  that we went to my loveheads company Christmas party on Sunday & won $125 in gift cards!!!
Chelsea & I
Gift cards!!! yay!

I'm lovin' ... these awesome house shoes. My sweet sweet lovehead bought them for me & I think I've told him 100 times already how much I love them. They are more like a really thick sock. LOVE! And the fluffy part inside? HEAVEN.

I'm lovin' ... PB&J's. I think I've had one everyday for the past week. No idea why.
I'm lovin' ... THIS SONG. Its perfect because I'm from the great state of TEXAS!

I'm lovin' ... that we are fortunate enough to be able to provide for a little girl less fortunate. Our church always does something BIG for Christmas, & this year they are providing for an entire school! We were in charge of a sweet little girl named Gabrielle. :) I finally dropped off her presents for their classroom Christmas party today!
I'm lovin' ... that CHRISTmas is right around the corner!!! :):):)

Feel the JOY of Christmas, the magic of LOVE!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chubby baby legs + Christmas tutu's + one cute cloth diaper booty =


Lord have mercy, couldn't you just eat her up!?!?!?!!? Ahhh sooooo cute, cute, cute! :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

Happy Hump ( I feel weird saying that) Day my fellow bloggies!!!! :) It's time for WILW....head on over to Jaime's a link up! :)

I'm LOVING .... this nice beverage after a L O N G day! :) And its wine, not water like my friend Ann thought! ha! FYI.... I did this post last night (tuesday), don't worry girls, I'm not drinking wine at 5am! hahahaah!

I'm LOVING .... that we were able to attend "Carol of the Lights" at Texas Tech with great friends last week! We sang, took pictures, & then ate at Johnny Carinos after!

While we were waiting for the lights to come on,  & I acourse came up with the idea to use a leaf as mistle toe. hehe. I'll use anything to kiss my cutie!
She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids at dinner! Yay!
After the lights came on!

I'm LOVING.... this great deal at Target! 2 for $5! :)

I'm LOVING..... these YUMMY Christmas cookies we made Sunday night! They were a lot of work, but fun to make & good to eat. ha. :)

 I'm LOVING.... that the good Lord has given me another day to live. :) Happy girl.

I'm LOVING.... this bible verse. Song of Solomon 2:16 ..My lover is mine, and I am his. <3 <3

Monday, December 6, 2010


Howdy y'all! I hope everyone had a great Monday... I on the other hand had a headache pretty much the entire day. Yikes!

Anyways - I'm sure y'all have heard my talk about my sweet, sweet home town where I lived for 19 years of my life, count down the days as to when I can go visit again, & its also where me & my loverhead grew up together. :)

Well, you's pretty famous. Ha! but seriously, it is. Its BEAUTIFUL & everyone 'round here refers it to "God's Country"  Let me give you some pics to prove it:

So, there is Alpine, Texas for ya. You turn your head & you'll either see a cowboy, some horses, or a truck & trailer. I love it. I could go on & on with beautiful pictures, but I'm really starting to feel homesick now! :) the point. Alpine was nominated as one of  "The Coolest Small Towns" along with 80 other towns in the United States. Out of that, this magazine chose the top 20 that stood out, & Alpine was one of them!!! And so now.....we're 3rd! 3rd in the USA people, this is BIG! So I'm asking all of YOU lovely ladies to please hop on over to this LINK, and vote! Alpine is the ONLY star in Texas.... click on the star and then CAST YOUR BALLET!!! I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance! :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Wish List!

Happy Saturday everyone! I will be spending the day cleaning, watching football (not by choice, ha!) , wrapping presents, baking, & blogging acourse!!! :) With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I would go ahead & compile my Christmas List because Santa baby, I've been a VERY good girl. ;)

These cute little beauties - silver, sparkly TOMS! I have the black pair & I love them! ANNNND? By buying a pair of these for moi, you're also giving a pair to a child less fortunate. :) Its definitely a win-win.

I LOVE watching their show, & I know I would love their book! Plus, I love to read. :)

Next up? Some new tennies! I've heard these Reebok Easy Tones really do "tone" ...any of you ladies want to vouch for that?!

OHHHHHH girls. ***angels singing*** I know this is a LONG shot...but hey, ya never know! ha!

Here's another good one. I absolutely love this stuff.

This Jessica Simpson beauty:

I'm drawing a blank here. This really is all I can think of, because I'm so dang blessed! But please don't be surprised when I do another "Christmas Wish List" post! ha!