Sunday, May 30, 2010

Girls just wanna have F-U-N! :)

Phew! What a busy but fabulous weekend!!! Starting Thursday night I went to a BBQ with D & all his friends. I had myself a lovely time. :) Sorry, I've been a bad picture taker lately :(

Friday night I went to dinner with one of my besties Lauren, and then after that I hit the town with 2 of my other BFF's Ann & Candice!! Here's a shout-out to ANN WHO READS MY BLOG!!! I LOVEEEEE YOU! :):):) Here are some pics I 'stole' from Candice:

LOVE them so much!
Photo shoot! :)
OK, so let me explain this picture. We went back to my place to slumber, and the first t-shirt I pulled out for Candice to wear was this one!!!! HOW FUNNY! Don is MY boyfriend!!! LOL!

Sunday acourse I went to church with my love dove and it was awesome as always. Go HERE to watch a video from worship this morning. I just love it. Our worship leader Brandon, is just awesome. I feel so blessed to be a part of such an awesome movement in our city. Also, HERE is last weeks service where Kari Jobe was a 'guest singer.' I went to lunch at McCalisters with Lauren and Ann for Sunday lunch, and then tonight comes a night I have been waiting for for a long time! :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Take me to the movies!

Movies, movies, movies! I feel like I have been watching a lot of 'em lately! Here are some must sees!


                                  Now, this is.a.must.see!! If you like LOVE stories, go see it!

Next up????????? SEX & THE CITY 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
Now I'm off to a summer BBQ with MY LOVE!!! <3

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I choose happiness! :)

I've been working on this post for a couple of days...OK, maybe more like 10 minutes on Saturday & this did start out as a "Whoa me, I need advice on "how to" get my out of this emotional slump I've been in" BUT this post has changed drastically since then...

...yesterday my friend Lauren & I felt like crap emotionally all day, and pretty much were just feeling sorry for ourselves. Boo. UNTIL...about 11:30P she texted me and said "Ok, that's IT. From this day forward I choose happiness! I can control my own emotions, (for the most part, we're women for crying out loud!) enough already!!!" A light bulb then went off in my head...I thought, DUH! Gah, its THAT easy.

Yes, we all have our days where things just don't go right, we cry at the drop of a hat, and our anger gets the best of us. But for the most part, it's usually all in our heads! If we wake up thinking the day will be bad...then it will be. So this morning we rounded up all our girlfriends (who have also been down big time in the slumps lately), and basically told them that instead of always venting to each other about silly life problems, we should be encouraging each other in the best ways possible, looking at the positives of every situation, and being HAPPY. So one of the girls came up with the idea for us to all write a "bucket list" of things we all want to do this summer. So...we are going to go to lunch tomorrow to share all of our endeavors, combine them, and start this summer off right! :)
So the adventure begins with my very own, 2010 Summer BUCKET LIST: (in no particular order since we WILL be doing ALL of them)

  1. Go skydiving!!!!! There is a place about 2 hours from where we live that I have already contacted - we plan on getting tickets SOON!!! :):):):)
  2. Go to Palo Duro Canyon at least 3 times. There is camping, hiking, and other fun activities.
  3. Cook dinner twice a week together.
  4. Start a Bible study together.
  5. Have at least 3 BBQ's. 4 of the girls are getting a house together, yay!
  6. Have a 'girls day' once a month that includes a pedi/mani & all things girly
  7. I would say have lunch every now and then, but I think we have that one covered! ha!
  8. Round up the gang and attend church every Sunday morning. (We're starting this Sunday!)
  9. ROAD TRIP!!!! progress!! :):):)
  10. Love each other. Support each other. Listen to each other. Be each others best friends.
So, there you have it. I can.not.wait to see what the other girls have planned!!!! I'm stoked because Thursday night we're cooking a delicious dinner at my place, and watching the first Sex & the City movie to be refreshed before we see the 2nd one THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!! Ahhhh words can not explain how excited this makes me feel!!!! I already feel happier because I CHOOSE HAPPINESS!!

I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live.
                                                      Ecclesiastes 3:12

So, what are some of the things you and your girlfriends do in the summer? Anything "bonding" that would be good for our friendship? Suggestions are welcomed!! :):):)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thank YOU.

To my sweet & amazing boyfriend. I know he reads my blog...rarely, but I know he does. :)

Have you ever taken anything for granted?? I have...all.the.time. I'm sure you all have, too. Well, I realized a couple of days ago how much I take Don for granted, even if its the smallest, tiniest things. I have taken it ALL for granted.

So...THANK YOU for ALWAYS being there for me, no matter what.

Thank you for never judging me, and always letting me be myself. You have never tried to change me, ever.

Thank you for being patient with me, when (lets face it) I can be a real pain in the butt.

Thank you for always believing in me. When I thought there was no way I could accomplish something, you were ALWAYS there to tell me I could...and still can.

Thank you for always trusting me. You have NEVER been one of  'those' boyfriends who wants to try and control everything. When I go out with my friends, you tell me to have a good time, and never once 'bug' me every hour to see where I am.

Thank you for being secure in our relationship. (This is the one thing I definitely took for granted, but never will again)

Thank you for cooking me dinner alllllll the time, hehe. :)

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for allowing me to feel independent, yet so loved. Mmmm...

Those are just a few...but I think you get the point. :) We have been dating since high school, and no...we are not engaged, yet. ;) The other day his cousin asked him (AGAIN) when he would propose (which is so annoying by.the.way), and he replied the sweetest reply ever: "God will tell me when the right time is" It just melted my heart and reassured me that we are definitely on HIS path :)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

So I have been absent the past few weeks...but no worries, I am BACK!!! :):):) Thanks Kelsey for such a fun topic! :)

'I wish' .... I could come home to one of these 
bedrooms every night!!

Ahhh, bliss :)
I definitely would like a bedroom that is soft, peaceful, and comforting. Although I'm really not too into the whole country look of an entire house, I really L-O-V-E it in my bedroom. Fresh flowers on my nightstand 24/7? YES, PLEASE!!! My bedroom right now has brown ( I love the color brown) walls with a white bedspead, and I love it. I live in a loft apartment so I feel like its my own little secret get-a-way. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Muddy Buddy!

Well, as you probably know his past weekend some friends & I participated in the Muddy Buddy; a 7 mile course that includes biking, running, and obstacles in between in each mile that you trade off running and biking with your buddy!!!! The weekend was an absolute BLAST and the girls I went with are just.plain.awesome. We're already planning more trips together this summer :) Here are some pics:

       My 'buddy' Nicole and I before the race (It was 6am in the morning so please excuse the non-make-up faces ;))

Our shirts said "Maid oh Honor" and "Bride-to-be" on the back :)
Lauren & Ann
Our group after
Me and the bride-to-be :)
The 4 of us eatin' breakfast at Kerby Lane!
What a great weekend!! :):):) Can't wait for the next one!

Top 2!

OK, so I have A LOT to catch up on...but until then, Top 2!! :)

Top 2 Things You Want to Do Before You Die

1. Travel. Whether it be to another city in Texas, to Colorado, to Ireland, to Spain. It really doesn't matter. I've had this itch lately to just get up and GO! Anywhere! I would to travel with either my best friend, Nicole OR the love of my life ORRRRRR BOTH!!! Both would be better :) Are you listening, Nicole??? hehe.

2. Have a baby...or 4. My dream in life is to be a mother. I absolutely can.not.wait. I have dreamed of having a baby since I was...5. Ok, ok maybe 7. But seriously...having a baby will complete me. :)

I know these things may not sound too thrilling or out of the ordinary, but they are my dreams. :) Now, what are some of y'alls????

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Six Sense Saturday!

HAPPPPPPPY Saturday everyone!!! :):):) It's Six Sense Saturday at My World is An Oyster!

Right Now I'm...


The morning breeze...I L.O.V.E opening my windows in the AM!

My sweet Bellie Belle still sleeping...

Some David Crowder Band

My coffee cup, & soft blankies :)

Blessed, a tad tired, & excited for this evening. Dinner & a movie, with the love of my life <3 <3 <3

Friday, May 7, 2010

Show us your life - BABY NAMES!

Do any of y'all ever read Kelly's blog?? If not - you should!!! I've been reading for over a year now, and I look forward to it daily!! This weeks Show Us Your's baby names!!! Ahhhh my favorite. I'm not even married yet & I have my names picked out, hehe.

Charis (pronounced KARE-iss - coming from the Greek term meaning GRACE) Jo
Paisley Jo
Cross Reesing

Jo is my Nannie's middle name and Reesing is my mom's maiden name. I am IN.LOVE with the name Cross for a little boy, it's so different and unique. And I think Charis and Paisley are just precious and fits me perfectly. :):):) I can't wait to have me a little Charis and Cross!! :)
What are some of y'all's favorite baby names??

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Go Shorty, it's your birthday!

Tuesday was one of my friends Candices' birthday! We went to dinner, and then hit the town. ANNNND I stayed out until 1:30 instead of 11:30 (like usual) AND it was a week night! Whooo- hoooo!! Haha! Here are some fun pictures:
                                                            Candice, myself, & Ann
Amanda, Jacque, Candice, me, & Ann
Lauren & I
Well, that's pretty much it folks! Have a happy Thursday! :):)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wishful Mittwoch!!

I haven't participated in a few weeks because of my CrAzY schedule...but I made time for it this week! :)

'I wish' .... I was fluent in another language in addition to English, and it would be German!

Why you ask? I really have no idea! HA! My old roommate Nicole, had to take a couple of German classes in college, and I think the way they spell their words and speak's kind of cool. Ha, what a great explanation, huh? This post is pretty boring, so I'm interested what all of you have to say!
Haben Sie einen wunderschönen Mittwoch! --- Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's a long one!

Wow - these last 2 weeks have been SO.Crazy.Busy for me, I haven't even had time to blog about it all! Two weekends ago, I went to Alpine to see Beth Moore's simulcast over her book, So Long Insecurities - it was one of the most powerful speaking events I've ever been to and I definitely recommend the book to any woman of ANY age. I went with one of my best friends from high school who just the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. It was so nice to be able to catch up with her and we got THE BEST SNOW CONE I HAVE EVERRRR HAD!!!!

Sunday morning we headed to "Cowboy church" with my family. It's so cute, and the sermon was really good. After that I went a little camera happy & took a bunch of pictures of all the beautiful blooming wild flowers!!
Dogs were allowed! So Belle enjoyed praying with me :)
All in all it was a great weekend. My boyfran didn't go with me that time, so I was really missin' his lovin'!

Next up? This past weekend. It was pretty much a blur to me. As soon as we arrived home, we found out my Nannie had just been admitted to the hospital. Just so you know, we are (my grandmother and I) are pretty much best friends. She ended up having to have surgery, and is just now getting out of the hospital today. :( Pray for an easy recovery for her!
So my momma and I ran errands for my grandpa, and then Don & I went to our friends wedding Saturday night which was a nice little distraction. The rest of our time there we hung out with his mom & twin brother, hung out at the hospital with my family, and just 'hung out,' haha. Oh ! We also stopped in Midland see see NICOLEEEEEEE. We had lunch and it was so yummy. She also had to see my Bellie-Belle, her niece...
Gasping at her engagement ring
Belle & Nicole.... reunited & it feels soooo good! ha!
Nicole's crazy pup, Nala
Her new pup, Taz!!
And the scrumptious piece of cake we dove into at lunch.

Boyfran & I at the wedding
My ol' high school buddy
The bride with her daddy

Well, that pretty much sums everything up!!! Today is my friend Candices' birthday, so we are celebrating tonight. Man, I can NOT wait for a little R&R!!