Sunday, February 27, 2011

You're my Sunday...

Have any of y'all heard that song by Jessica Simpson, "You're My Sunday?" Well, me being a Jess fanatic - acourse I have! :)

Well my sweet love is just that. :) Here is a re-cap of our Sunday:

Church at 11:30
We have winds here of 60mph!!! YIKES! Its the kind of weather you do NOT want to leave your house.
THIS IS ALL DIRT my friends....there are buildings that you cannot even see because if it.
We have a little Sunday tradition every week - FOOD after church! ha! Usually it's with friends, but today it was just us. :) Today we decided Crackle Barrel would hit the spot - and BOY did it! There was a 30 minute wait so we went browsing. I loved this hat!
I thought this was pretty "sweet" too ;)
Hehe, playing the games they leave on the table. :)

I could not leave without snagging some of these...I know - everyone else besides 2 & 3 year olds think they are gross. Even the check out lady made a comment - she asked who we were buying them for. Guilty! hahaha!

Next up? The movie, Secretariat. Thanks NetFlix! I must say - GREAT movie! Loved it!

And now we're watching The Oscars & playing with out sweet pups! :)
This pic was from last week.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Cantaloupe a Day Keeps the Wrinkles Away

I recently saw on a blog I read (which I cannot remember whose blog it was -- so sorry) that eating half a cantaloupe every morning is GREAT for your skin! She had been doing it for about a week and saw some amazing results. Great skin?! Yes, please! A little research here I come...

** Cantaloupe melon has a high-water content and anti-oxidants that can work wonders for your complexion, creating clear, pore-less, radiant skin. Consider how many expensive, topical, Vitamin C products you see the lining store shelves every day. The reason these products are in high demand is because Vitamin C is proven to help skin defy age while improving tone, texture and radiance. Now, if applying Vitamin C externally gets good results, just imagine what taking Vitamin C internally can do?!

** Vitamin C – over 100% daily recommended value of that, too. Yep. Cantaloupes are ridiculously high in vitamin C, as well. We know vitamin C helps protect against illness – on so many levels – and it’s also a hard worker (on the skin) at reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

I'm sure y'all have heard of Cindy Crawford's line right?! WELL you KNOW what the main ingredient is?? Yep...a melon!

** "The most talked about ingredient in the Meaningful Beauty product line is an antioxidant from a rare form of "cantaloupe charentais," a melon grown only in the southern region of France. According to the Meaningful Beauty research, this melon contains a powerful first-generation antioxidant, which helps reduce the breakdown of collagen."

I just started this morning because I finally had a chance to hit up the grocery store... so here is my 1/2 this morning! It really filled me up! :) I'll let y'all know how its going in about a week! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog Award!

I'm so excited to announce a blog award I recieved from a fellow Texas blogger!!! Thank you SO much, Chelsea! :) You should check out her super cute blog!

Now For a Seven Question Survey...

1. Who/What inspires you?

This is an easy one. My grandfather. He is my hero, my inspiration, etc. He has accomplished more in his lifetime than anyone I know. And still...he ALWAYS put the Lord first. I love him.

A little history: he graduated high school, graduated from A&M in only 2.5 years, went off to the army for 5 years, came back, graduated from A&M vet school, became Dr. Reesing, met his love (my Nannie), got married, moved to Montana, had my mom :) , went to fire school, became a SMOKE JUMPER, moved back to Texas, opened up his own vet clinic in East Texas, had 2 more boys, moved to Alpine (my hometown), became a professor, taught at Sul Ross State Univeristy for 25 years...WHILE being the chief firefighter in Alpine. Phew! Retired, took 1 1/2 half off (ha), & now he has his own little ranch with cows & horses, and drives all over the state of Texas working for A&M teaching fire school.

He is truly an inspiration. He still reads his bible and always reassures me that "The Good Lord" as he ALWAYS in control.

2.What is your favorite season & why?

Hmmm....I would say winter. I love winter. I love snow days, comfy clothes, hot chocolate and all that good stuff. BUT...with summer right around the corner, I would say summer. I love the way sunscreen smells;, takes me back to my childhood, I love the flowers, green grass, the longer days, flip flops, sun dresses, etc. SOOOO I would say I love all year round! :)

3. What are you most looking forward to this year?

Oh man....A LOT. You'll have to read my blog to know.... ;)

4. If you could write a book about anything, what would it be about?

I think I'm going to have to go with Chelsea on this one...a cook book! Or maybe a self-help book.

5. What is your greatest passion?

I would have to say helping others. I know that sounds so cliche but it's the truth. Whether its helping with the churchs' Christmas program, & buying toys for needy children, or giving a homeless man a cup of hot coffee on a freezing da, or just helping out a friend on a hard day. I went on a mission trip last year & it was SO fulfilling & amazing. I can't wait to go on another one.

6. If you could change one thing about your life or yourself, what would it be.

Well, I believe God made us all the way HE wanted us to be, imperfections & all. But if I had to change one thing, it would defintely be the control freak in me. :) I have a Type A personality, and I feel like I have to be in control of things for everything to be okay --- I'm working on it. :)

7. Lastly, what is your favorite novel?

Is this even a question? ha! I have soooooo many books I love. :)

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I missed last week...but I'm glad to be back this week! :)
I'm LOVING.... this beautiful sunshiny weather!!!! Isn't it crazy how the weather can change your mood drastically?! I'm in a great mood today :) I feel like I need to plant some flowers.

I'm LOVING.... sweet friend dates. Our usual place to lunch is called Sugarbakers...this cute little bakery nestled in the heart of a shopping center....which usually equals bad news bears for us. ha! Now - the GREAT thing about this their desserts. Yum, yum, yummmmmmmm

I'm LOVING.... that we get to go HOME next weekend! Get away from the city...get back to our some hiking. I feel so lucky to have a hometown that is SO gorgeous.

I'm LOVING...or should I say still loving my sweet Ellie girl! :)

she loves my shoes :)
My other sweet girl...

I'm LOVING.... that I got to see my BFF/biffers AND my sister last weekend!!! :) I miss them so much!  You won't be seeing any pics of my sister - she was being camera shy. Lame.

Ok so my sister got in ONE pic...But I accidently cut her out :(

Gettin' our pedi on...
My last "dark shade" before spring :)

I'm LOVING... my Valentines date. Simple...but :)
Aww :)

I'm LOVING... my "rock star" nails...specifically for good 'ol V-day :)

I'm LOVING.... my post below this one. Definitely one of my favorites. :)

OK y'all...I had 30 mins to write this post...SO PLEEEEEEASE excuse my bad grammar & all that jazz. ha! See you pretty bloggers on the flip side! ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Livin' on love....

.... buyin' on time, without somebody nothin' aint worth a dime." Oh that Alan Jackson - he sure can sing a tune. Let's remember I'm from Texas here. :) This is "our" song...we both love it & live by it. :)

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! I'm am SO SO SO blessed to have this wonderful guy to spend my V-day with. Since we both work today...we did our "date" yesterday, and tonight we're cooking din din. :) I woke up to these this morning.... with the sweetest card. Cliche, I know.

"...Two young people without a thing
 Say some vows and spread their wings
 Settle down with just what they need
Livin on love...."

"....She don't care 'bout whats in style
 She just likes the way he smiles
 It takes more than marble and tile
Livin on love..."

"...Livin' on love, buyin on time
 Without somebody nothing aint worth a dime
 Just like an old fashioned story book rhyme
 Livin' on love..."

And I can only hope & pray I end up at the end of my life singing this verse... :)

"...Two old people without a thing,
Children gone and still they sing
Side by side in that front porch swing
Livin' on love
He can't see anymore
And she can barely sweep the floor
Hand in hand they'll walk through the door
Just livin' in love....."

I love that there is a day to celebrate love. Now - I DO think it's pretty cheesy :) and we never really do anything too big on 'ol V-day...but we have started a tradition - we cook our favorite meal and make chocolate covered strawberries. Awwwwww :):):)

Now, for all you single gals...God has big plans for each & every one of us...& your time is coming. :)

I don't ever take my relationship with my love for granted, ever. I am so thankful that God has brought us together....waaaaay back. Need proof? Well, ok....but ONLY because it's Valentine's Day. :)

You guessed right.... that is defintely me with the pink ribbons....dreaming about that blonde haired boy. :)

Our first Pat Green concert, we were 17...& in love. :)

Our love story & how we "met" again in fourth grade, & how I had a MAD crush on him til 8th grade is a another post for a different day! :) COMING SOON. hehe

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Meet Ellie girl!

As y'all know from the post below...I picked up my sweet Ellie Girl on Saturday in Midland! I'm sooo in other ball of fluff - Belle? Notsomuch. ha! She will get used to her eventually. :) Here are some pics of my girl...
Aunt Nicole with my 2 girls....
Sleepy pup...

Sisters :)
Lounging before the superbowl
Meeting Aunt Lauren :)

Let me just say... she is a MESS!! Belle was SUCH an easy puppy...I literally potty trained her in 2 days...Ellie?'s going to take a little longer. She had an "accident" on my WHITE Belle? Never chewed on ANYTHING. Ellie? Has already ruined a few things. Belle slept all the time...was the perfect angel puppy. Lets just say I havnt had a full nights sleep since I got my sweet Ellie. ha - makes me appreciate all the momma's out there with a newborn!

I could blog and put way more pictures of my girls but...Grey's is about to start! Happy Thursday! :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ellie - my new baby!!!

OK - so y'all might have remembered from THIS post that my lovehead's mom got a malti-poo named Hudson! WELLLLLL guess what?! Long story short - they had one little girl left because someone backed out..... SO you guessed right! She is OURS!!!!

We  I Have been wanting another malti-poo for Belle, because she is always alone and I feel so guilty. I've waited patiently for two years & Belle is FINALLY getting a sister!! We are going to Midland this weekend to pick her up! I can NOT wait to get my hands on this sweet face!!
I took Belle to get groomed yesterday so she will look nice & pretty to meet her sister! hehe. Here she is with her Aunt Candice...
Well, we're off! Happy Saturday and lots of pictures to come! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Time for WILW!

I'm LOVING... that I (along with everyone else in the United States) get to have a SNOW day! There are a few downfalls to this though: 1. I'm on a diet - so no munching for me, no hot chocolate, & no grilled cheese sandwiches and 2. Its 0 degrees, but feels like -33 with the wind absolutely no playing in the snow. Its bitterly cold. I sound like SUCH a downer...I'm sorry! :)

I'm LOVING... my NEW pink Toms!!! I'm SO in love! :)

I'm LOVING... that my friend Lauren & I started our Bible Study last night. Its called "Breaking Free" by Beth Moore, & so far I really like it!

I'm LOVING... sweet Presley :)

I'm LOVING... my view for today!

I'm LOVING... this sweet pup! She LOVES my space heater..I mean can not get enough it it. I don't blame her!

I'm LOVING.... or not loving ... this oh-so-pretty picture of me that my lovehead decided to snap. Yes...I'm in still in my robe & PJ's, and I do not see that changing anytime this is me....RAW. ha!

I'm LOVING...that I have the SWEETEST love in the world! He is currently warming up his truck to trek to Wal-Mart for more wood & other necessities. We just heard on the news we may have a black out comin' our way. YIKES!

I'm LOVING.... all my sweet followers! Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my silly ole blog! ;)

Happy Wednesday, & stay warm!!! :)