Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring has SPRUNG!

Well hey there! Wow, it's been so long the blogger layout has changed & I'm a little weirded out. Ha. I'm sincerely sorry for my loooong absence, I don't even have an excuse! I kind of got into a blogger "funk" & then fell so far behind I really didn't feel like playing catch up. Make sense? I plan on catching y'all up SOON!

Anyways, for a pretty short post today, I thought I would show y'all a picture of my first bloom! I've been trying to be more "domesticated", so I planted some early flowers. I definitely did a little jig when I saw my "babies" blooming! I've been taking really good care of them, letting them outside in the day for sunshine, bringing them inside at night, talking to them (ha), watering them, etc. I couldn't be more ready for spring! 

My hyacinth bloom, & there are tulips behind them

I plan on planting some more soon once it warms up. Spring is right around the corner!! What are some of y'all's favorite flowers?? Do tell. :)

Oh, & of course I must leave you with an adorable picture of my niece on Valentines Day. Her blue eyes MELT.MY.HEART!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Chrysalis #30

Alright girls! I need your help to pray for a dear friend of mine who is participating in her first Chrysalis this weekend!

As I'm sure some of you may remember, I did mine in August & it was easily the best weekend of my life. I did my first VLOG & talked a little bit of my experience.

I was SO excited to be able to sponsor someone, & my friend Lauren was the perfect girl for Chrysalis #30. Lauren is an AMAZING friend of mine. She ALSO has her own blog! So, you should totally go leave her a comment, so when she gets back, she feel a little bit of love from the blog world! :)

We dropped her off yesterday at 7, & will pick her up Sunday around 4. I cannot tell you how EXCITED I am for her! I know God is going to do some AMAZING things this weekend, & will show her His love like she's never seen it before, He did that for me at least. :)

Right before we left...I feel like a proud momma :)

 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. John 14:27

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My First Post of Twenty-Twelve!

First & foremost---HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I have some major catch up to do on this little ole blog of mine so here we go! We've had a very busy past couple of weeks...

We went home a couple of days before Christmas, & pulled off a wonderful surprise party for D's mom on the 23rd! It was awesome!

I spent Christmas day with lots of family, & made red velvet pancakes that morning, which we decided would be a new tradition. They were SOOO good! We also had a WHITE Christmas which made the day even more cozy & fun....well, the driving on ice part was NOT fun considering my parents house is on a hill! We got so many wonderful things.

My sister & baby niece came back with us on the 27th (Tuesday) to stay til Sunday. We literally SHOPPED til WE DROPPED all week, went out to eat, stayed up late talking, and it was fabulous. My friends even got to meet my sweet pea!

My parents came up on Friday to spend New Years with us! It was a great weekend filled with {more} shopping, pedi/mani's, food, & fun.The two bottom pictures are from Cracker Barrel -- love those cute little syrups, & the chicken & dumplings are my FAV! :)
 They left on Sunday, & I must admit I teared up. Spending almost 2 weeks with my niece was so special, I miss her so much!

I had off on Monday, & it was spent taking down Christmas decor {boo}, having my carpets cleaned, having the puppy dogs groomed, laundry, & more organizing! Fun times.

Every new year, I always feel the need to clean, & re-vamp myself---which means hair cut on Friday! :)

I am definitely rambling Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Random Babble

Now, for some fun random talk. HA.

1. I am getting a little stressed because I still have quite a bit to get done before I leave---just thought you'd like to know. ;) I started "deep cleaning" my little place last week (WHY??) & now that I've started, I can't stop til I'm done! I'm out closets, touching up paint, cleaning blinds, fans, etc. I'm a crazy person. At least when I get home from Christmas break, everything will be spotless!

2. I have pretty much have ALL my Christmas shopping done, besides a few little things I need to still get. YAY ME! Now, the fun part---a night of WRAPPING!

3. Lovin' this color by Essie. Forgive me, I can't remember the name.

4. I'm thinking I'm going to need a mani/pedi before this weekend---bright RED! Perfect for Christmas in my opinion.

5. Last Friday night, we went to what's called a "Winter Wonderland" at this really neat & new neighborhood. They are bran new, modernized houses---but y'all, they look like they are straight from the olden days, like plantation homes. But then there are some that look like they belong in a movie. Perfect little homes, in a perfect little neighborhood.. Here are some pictures:

ANYWAYS---they have horse drawn carriage rides, fake snow everywhere, pictures with Santa, music, & hot chocolate. We had a lot of fun! Dinner & drinks after! :)

6. Last night we met up with D's brother & his girlfriend to have a pizza date, & to look at Christmas lights!
After dinner, we went to Starbucks & grabbed some coffee + plus a cake pop for moi. Lets just say---I get car sick super easy. The place we went to was up & down UP & DOWN. Cue Jennie getting CAR SICK! How lame. As soon as I got home, I was fine. I  was glad my pizza & coffee didn't come right back up, tmi ;)

7. My girl Jessica Simpson makes pregnate look GOOD, she is glowing. I've been a HUGGGGGE fan since her first TV series with ::sigh:: Nick Lachey.

8. I'm really looking forward to making gingerbread houses with my sister & niece this weekend! Christmas activities are

Well, I'm off to grab Starbucks---my current addiction at the moment. :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Today is my sweet Ellie-girl's birthday! A whole year old! She is ONE CRAZY PUP...but I love her anyway!

Love you sweet pup!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So you know my sweet, angelic puppy {she'll be 1 December 19th} I always talk about?? Ellie girl??

Not so sweet OR innocent


The past 4 days have been rainy, cloudy, cold, dreary, & just plain yuck. So, Ellie has missed out on her daily walk & let's just say, she has definitely decided to "act out"

She has always been a monster pup. She still isn't 100% house trained (which drives me INSANE). She loves to chew on walls, eat my shoes, eat pens, tear up magazines & paper, and well---eat anything & everything, including permanent markers. Fun.

Yesterday morning she would not go potty outside. Refused. So after 15 minutes, we came back inside & what did she do?? You guessed it.

I came home from work yesterday to:
-Christmas ornaments everywhere, shredded to pieces, which equals glitter GALORE
-Her water bowl dumped over
-The corner of a wall chewed
The cords to my Christmas tree completely chewed up--I plugged in my tree hoping it would still produce it's lights that make me so happy...& nothing. You can see why: 

She was locked up while I cleaned... & was not too happy about it

Sometimes, I just don't know what I'll do with my little mess. But I love her anyways! I guess it's off to buy lights for my Christmas tree!! haaaaaa

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Traditions---Check!

I've been such a bad, bad blogger. I have been so busy, that every time I sit down to blog, I'm too tired! ha! I've been busy with work {duh}, friends, my sweet boy, Christmas shopping, church, & everything else! 

Anyhoo... since this IS my favorite season & all, I thought I would make a list of some of my favorite traditions! Ready, set, GO! --- the most IMPORTANT part of this post, is at the bottom. Save the best for last is my motto. :)

-- Decorate for Christmas. {did this before thanksgiving, hehe}

-- Send out Christmas cards {got 'em early this year!}
-- Drink as much Starbucks as possible

-- Try the chick-fil-A Holiday shake

-- Bake! {pound cake, snickerdoodle cookies...more to come}
-- Do something for someone else {we stuffed stockings at church for kids}
-- Drink a Christmas coca-cola :)

-- Listen to AS MUCH Christmas music as possible (double check!)

-- Drink hot chocolate by a fire, complete with Cinnamon rolls for dinner & Christmas movies

--Watch every possible Christmas music special on TV:
* Country Christmas
* Michael Buble Christmas Special
* Victoria's Secret Fashion show
(I'm sure I've missed some)

-- Buy new Christmas PJ's (Target!)

-- Girls night: ::New tradition!:: complete with jammies, pizza, wine, LOTS-oh-laughter, Christmas movies & good=bye's at 5am. YES! 5am. :)
Still to-do: (hopefully we'll be knocking these out this week/weekend)
-- Look at Christmas lights {here & in my home town}
-- Make gingerbread houses
-- Make red velvet pancakes & sausage balls Christmas morning
- Roast marshmallows by the fire
-- Watch A Christmas Story ALL DAY LONG on Christmas day :)
-- Take my pup dogs to see Santa at Petsmart
-- Attend Christmas Eve service with my family
-- Buy ALL Christmas presents--"wrapping" that up this week ;)
-- Buy 3 cans of popcorn for me, my parents, & grandparents---this popcorn has been around since I was a wee tot

Well folks, that's all I can think of today, do y'all have any special traditions??? Please share =)

 I try to never forget WHY we celebrate Christmas. It can be tough, as we all (me included!) can get caught up in the hussle & bussle of Christmas time & forget about the star of the show --- OUR LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!

Isaiah 9:6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Wow...Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father. He is the CENTER of my universe, & I fall MORE in love with Him every single day.
He is the reason for the season.