Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kindred Spirits :)

A little late, but better late than never, right? :)
1. What is your cultural heritage, and is it a part of your life (eg. do you celebrate your cultural holidays, or have special traditions or food that comes from your heritage)?

Hmmm....American?? HAHA! My Grandpa is Norwegian, but we don't really do anything for it.

2. Give a short description of your vision for your blog.
Well, I had been wanted to start one for about 6 months, and November is when I finally gave in. I love it - it's a great place to get advice, GIVE advice, and just chat with other girls you have similar interest with. Also, all my family reads it from back home, so they never feel out of the loop :)

3.What is one thing you are really enjoying about spring?
Oh man, just ONE?? I REALLY enjoy the beautiful flowers!!! I love bluebonnets, as I've mentioned before. I picked a HUGE bouquet yesterday for my grandmother who is in the hospital, and ALL the nurses (and even my mom!) asked which flower shop I got them from. :))
4. Do you have an idea to share about something we could do today to bless our husbands/boyfriends to let them know they're special?
Hmm...well I know my boyfriend REALLY appreciates when I do stuff that he enjoys doing which includes playing golf, watching sports ( I really have to suck it up on this one), hanging out with HIS friends, and BBQ-ing.

5. Are you involved in any social club (garden club, dinner club, book club, etc.) - or would you like to be?
Noooo, but oh how I would LOVVEEEEEE that!!! I host a bible study at my place every Wednesday night, but a dinner club sounds like so much fun!!! The wheels are a-turnin'! :)

        Happy Saturday, girlies!!!

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Kristin said...

Hi Jennie! I'm so sorry to hear about your Nannie. I do hope she's doing better. Keep me updated, ok? I'm sure the flowers you brought her totally lifted her spirits! What a sweet granddaughter :-). So fun to read your Kindred Connection answers! Wish you lived closer and we could start a dinner club LOL! Hope you enjoyed your weekend...had fun stopping by here today - and thanks for visiting over at Windy Poplars!