Friday, December 31, 2010

Its almost 2011......

..... and I have been a bad, bad blogger :(

SOOOO much to catch y'all up on, its overwhelming. I think I'm just going to TRY & do it with pictures, because who doesn't like pics?!!? :):):)

OK, and before I start...A. These will be so mixed up, but I'll leave ya with some subtitles, and B. they are all from my iPhone, & a new app called SHAKE

{Christmas Eve...with our sweet girl}
{Sung Silent Night by candle light at our Christmas Eve service..}
{We went home December 23-28}
{Made breakfast for dinner...aka "brinner"}
{Made Christmas buttons}
{My momma & me on Christmas day}
{She hated it...}
{Acted like big ol dorks, and attended a Tacky Sweater Christmas Party}
{Traveled here & there with my girl}
{Made gingerbread houses...}
{While I ate all the my PJ's, hehe}
{My grandpa is a firefighter, so every year my Nannie has a special tree for him :) }

Let me just say - I am blessed!!!!! We are hangin' low tonight...not doing anything too fancy. I have been sick (boo), so I'm not up for anything big. I love reading everyone's New Years Resolutions post, gives me some motivation. I on the other hand, have yet to write mine. I'm taking down the Christmas tree & all the decor (insert sad face here), writing my NYR's, & going grocery store shopping because we are have a big feast tomorrow! :):)

Happy New Year!!!

2 sweet comments...:

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Love the pix! What kind of ring are you wearing where you're traveling with your furbaby? Her outfit is cute! My sister tried putting a Santa outfit on her yorkie, and she hated it as well...haha!

Have a great new year, and I hope you get well soon!

Jamie said...

What a fun time you've been having! Hope the first day of the new year was a great one!