Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Wish List!

Happy Saturday everyone! I will be spending the day cleaning, watching football (not by choice, ha!) , wrapping presents, baking, & blogging acourse!!! :) With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I would go ahead & compile my Christmas List because Santa baby, I've been a VERY good girl. ;)

These cute little beauties - silver, sparkly TOMS! I have the black pair & I love them! ANNNND? By buying a pair of these for moi, you're also giving a pair to a child less fortunate. :) Its definitely a win-win.

I LOVE watching their show, & I know I would love their book! Plus, I love to read. :)

Next up? Some new tennies! I've heard these Reebok Easy Tones really do "tone" ...any of you ladies want to vouch for that?!

OHHHHHH girls. ***angels singing*** I know this is a LONG shot...but hey, ya never know! ha!

Here's another good one. I absolutely love this stuff.

This Jessica Simpson beauty:

I'm drawing a blank here. This really is all I can think of, because I'm so dang blessed! But please don't be surprised when I do another "Christmas Wish List" post! ha!

4 sweet comments...:

kebowman said...

your blog is adorable! i'm so glad i found it!!!
I LOVE Giuliana!!! of course Bill too, but i'm a sucker for Giuliana ! She's so funny and i can't wait to read her book!!

anyhow, i'm your newest follower and thought i'd leave ya a comment! :)

Jen said...

Wait! We have the same name "Jennie Ann" (not Jennifer right?) and both have "Girl in Pearls" in our blog title?! What a small world! How have I not noticed this before?!?

Neely said...

I wanna read their book too! Love the show. Those Toms are super cute :)

Kit said...

Great list girl! I really want a pair of sparkly TOms too!