Thursday, August 4, 2011

My First "Vlog"

Hey ladies! So here is my first "vlog." Couple things before you watch:

1. This was SUPPOSED to show up YESTERDAY, so sorry.
2. I am NOT a public speaker.
3. Don't mind my Ellie-girl in the background, she think's she's a supa-star. Odd.
4. The part where I'm talking about reading my Bible - I started it on JULY 29th, not January 29th. :)
5. You might wanna give yourself an hour to read this post, it's a long (but good) one. :)

Y'all, I hope this video showed you a little bit of how I felt this weekend. I have never been called "precious" so many times before by an elderly woman, who thought every single one of us girls was just that. Christ's love for me & for you is never failing. My relationship with the Lord will come FIRST in my life, from last Sunday, on. It's so very easy (TOO EASY!) to put very simple things first: Facebook, twitter, blogging, SHOPPING, your pets, your best friend, & even your husband, boyfriend, or fiance. But I learned that NOTHING is more important than a relationship with Him, our Savior, our Creator, my everything. I will mess up, I will fail big time sometimes, but thank GOD we have a God that forgives us each & every time. Every morning is a new day.

My outlook on life has changed dramatically. The little things, just don't matter. You have to forgive. And good heavens - it feels NICE & freeing when you do. Praise the Lord on that one. Heaven is an awesome place, but you'll ONLY get there if you have a committed relationship with God, & good people don't go to Heaven, saved people do.

We also learned that we as girls & women, are princesses in Gods eyes. Can I get an AMEN, hallelujah?!?! Let's just say my lover was NOT so thrilled when every I was reminding him every 2 seconds that I.WAS.A.PRINCESS! ha. I'm thankful I have someone who will roll his eyes, give that cute smile, & do what I ask. :)  hehe. We literally were given tiara's, a wand, & a cute halo thing you put on your head with a veil on the back. We should be treated like princesses by our significant other, because that's how God wants it. I promise, we talked about this for a good hour. :)

I was also given A LOT, of peace about marriage. Does anyone else think marriage these days is being rushed?? Because statistics show that lately DIVORCE is higher. Did you know that 65% of couples get divorced now-a-days? Scary, high number. I have a million people a day asking when D & I are going to get married, & here's the answer: when the time is right, when GOD tells us when the time is right. We have a plan, & does does God. I love reading blogs who have a happy marriage, makes me excited. I have no doubt we are on the perfect path. No doubt. :)

When I was walking out to leave, boo-hooin' like a baby, one of the main Pastors came up, grabbed a hold of me, & squeezed me tight. "Brother Bill" looks a lot like Santa Claus, hugs like a bear, & is one of the nicest men I'll ever meet. He whispered in my ear, "Baby girl, Jesus is counting on you," & I just about lost it. But he was right. :)

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The Moon & Me said...

Would you mind sending me the information on the bible you showed? I would sooo appreciate it!

Brittany said...

I love the 'you are loved more than you will ever know' shirt! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Thanks for sharing.

Might as well, can't dance... said...

Oh my word - your Vlog is proof that you ARE precious! Defining it is definitely hard, especially when you are limited by what you can reveal! One of the most profound moments for me was - exactly what you said about not judging others and forgiving others, and even forgiving yourself! Fly With Christ, you're a sweet Princess of God!

Rebecca said...

Good vlog =]!

Mikayla. said...

loved this Jennie :)

Olivia Ellen said...

Awesome blog!! I just got done reading Heaven is For Real.. it truly changed my perspective on heaven and our sweet Lord forEVER! Please send me the information for that one year bible!! I'm in need of a new devotional.

Ashley said...

Love this girl!!! So happy for you and your experience!

Jamie said...

Awww you're so cute! Glad you had such a wonderful experience!

Meagan B said...

so I read that book a couple days ago-heaven is for real, and I loved it! such a quick read but so happy and uplifting. I love how it explains heaven in such a childlike way and how it talks about having a childlike faith!