Monday, August 15, 2011


In exactly ONE week we will be on the road to Arlington for a Rangers game, & then from there headed to THE BEACH. Hello relaxation, margaritas, yummy food, pigging out, a good book, & nice tan.


My lovers twin bro is here for the week, so it's going to be a little cray-cray between work, friends, cooking for those boys, packing, (I like to be prepared) & the other every day life thangs. 

We went & saw The Help last night - sooooo good y'all. The book was even better, but usually always is.

Church was awesome on Sunday, as always & really convicted me. I tithe 10% but I felt like I needed to be giving more. Because after all, NOTHING & I mean NOTHING we own is ours - it's ALL God's. We prosper, when we give - Dave Ramsey

Lauren & I.... ARE GOING TO A BETH MOORE CONFERENCE in September!!!!!!!! AHHHH I.LOVE.HER. She is definitely one of my idols & I absolutely cannot WAIT!!!!!

Guess who else will be here in October???? David Crowder Band!!! YAHOOOO!! They are definitely one of my favorite Christian bands, & they are sadly breaking up after this tour so I'm beyond excited to see them in concert.

I really like this.

Oh, & have I mentioned how ready I am for Fall?? HA. After this beach trip, I am for sure putting out all my fall scents, decor, ect. I stopped by good ole Bath & Body Works today & stocked up. YUM is all I gots to say.

Sorry for the totally rando post, but hope y'all enjoyed anyway. Happy Week!

5 sweet comments...:

Brekke said...

So excited for fall too!! Have fun at the beach! :)

Catherine said...

i can only imagine what the sanitizer smells like! yay for fall!

Rebecca said...

Mmmm that bath and body works scent seems like it would smell so good!

Lauren said...

I am so excited about the fall feel in the air! Can't believe you get to go on another fun trip! :) So jealous! ENJOY!

Amber Marie said...

I can't wait for Beth Moore conference! I'm going to a simulcast. :) Hope you have fun on your trip!