Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are you a lady?

As you all probably know, I'm ALL girl. Meaning, I LOVE pearls, make-up, pink, ruffles, pretty outfits, gettin' dolled up, fingernail polish, mani/pedi's & the list could go on & on. I found that through this blog, I can relate to SO many of you. 

My Nannie (my mom's mom) was raised very Southern, so in return so was my mom... & of course so was I. The ONE thing my mom tells me STILL to this day is, "Always be a lady." And I hope to pass that on to my daughters one day.

So, what IS a lady??

From its roots in British nobility as the female equivalent of "Lord", the term "lady" carries a connotation of elegance and class. If you'd like to be thought of as a lady, they key is to mix traditional feminine ideals with modern reality in a way that works for you.

So, which ones do YOU agree with??


  • (Guilty, but I truly try & NOT do it)
I know some of these may be extreme for some, but growing up Southern, I can't help but agree most of those. Now, don't get me wrong. I act like a complete hula gen sometimes, ha! But I would say 90% I try my very best to always act like a lady. When I'm with my friends, I usually let loose which is completely acceptable to me in moderation.

What are some things y'all believe that a "lady" should always do??

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Rebecca said...

agreed with all these =]

agalandherdog said...

Very cute post!

TheSocialKnight said...

Love these but I'm all for carry purses that look like suitcases. LOVE big purses wayyyy to much. How else can I fit my keys, wallet, hairbrush, make-up bag, cell, lipglosses, camera, and so on!?!

Blue said...

I absoluteley love this post! Some of the things I really need to keep in mind, like the not gossiping....

Blue said...

Just linked this on my blog!

Selina said...

Sit like a lady! And petticoats under shorter skirts are modest and alluring at the same time