Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - LOTTERY!

Yet another, Wishful Wednesday at Kelsey's place! :)

'I wish' .... I could win the lottery REAL soon, and I would hope to do a lot with it!

So, what would I do with it? First off I would NEVER quit my job if I won the lottery. I would probably take some time off to travel, but never would I might quit. I'm saying this now, but really - who knows what I might do with millions of GREEN in my hand, ha! Here are a few things I think I would do:
  • GIVE, GIVE, GIVE. I would take my family out to dinner, and tip the waitress oh, I dont know 400 dollars. I would find different organizations that may need help, I would be a crazy love, giving machine. It would be SO awesome and rewarding. It literally makes me smile just thinking about it. :)
  • I would let the Lord lead me to different things, because I know He would.
  • I would probably buy mysef some cute shoes, hehe. ;) and maybe a purse...or twenty. Hahaha. :)
  • Have my DREAM wedding!
  • AND then - I would give it ALL to my grandfather, and let him tell me how to spend, & invest with it. He pays EVERYTHING with cash, and he is probably one of the smartest men I know. Years down the road after I build it up, I would probably travel, be a stay at home MOM (when we do have children) and just live an ordinary life with some MONEY in the bank. :)
Have you ever watched those shows on TV where those families win the lottery, go crazy with it, and then end up broke? It would be SO easy to fall into that trap so I would do everything to not let that happen. :) How would you spend YOUR money if you won the lottery??

UPDATE ON BELLE: So the vet (and my grandpa) here in Alpine think she had a disk in her back that was "worn out" (genetics) and she jumped, ran, or moved just the right way to blow it. It was bound to happen. And its actually both her back legs, her left one is just worse than the other. She has to be totally confined for the next 2 weeks; which really doesnt matter because she can't walk anyways :( She started an antibiotic (just in case there might be infection), muscle relaxer, and steriods today. Hopefully this will work. They told me she may or may not walk again so please PRAY that it works. The vet told me to just give her time.

I LOVE sitting out on the porch when the sun goes down...
We're having such a great & relaxing time here in our hometown, Belle is just resting throughout the day -  she is SO sweet. We got here Monday afternoon and we had a hot dinner wating for us, we have had a hot breakfast every morning, last night we went out to eat with my grandparents...I think you get the point! Spoiled. HAHAHA! It has rained the entire time, but today I see a tad of sunshine. I have a fun day planned - lunch with my litttle brother (he is in 6th grade) in the same middle school I went to (HA!), massage/mani/pedi, his first baseball game this evening, and then my and my boy are going star-gazing tonight... :) :) We might even catch a few fireflies!  Here are some random pictures throughout the years of Bellie-Belle :)

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Neely said...

Great answer girl!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I cannot imagine living like those people on reality TV, soooo crazy!