Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

WHAT? 2 posts 2 days in a row! ha! Happy Wednesday!

I'm loving.... that whilst I was getting a quick tan out by the pool, & talking to God - something darted into my eye. If you know me - you know I DO NOT like any kind of bugs. Of course I freaked out, but when I took off my sunglasses this sweet ladybug was just sitting there. Talk about a moment. :)

I'm loving... this hairstyle I picked out for Saturday. The bride is letting us pick our own "do" and I'm pretty excited because I haven't had an up-do since High School PROM! ha!

I'm loving.... this cute cute car scent I purchased at Bath & Body Works last weekend. I LOVEEEEEE the 4th of July - definitely my favorite Holiday.

 I'm loving.... that my sister's due date is getting closer & closer! September can't get here soon enough. But until then - keep cookin' sweet baby niece!!! :):):) 

I'm loving.... that our movie theatre got a fun photo booth! We went on a triple date last weekend & saw The Hangover - SO FUNNY, went & ate Mexican food with yummy margaritas, and then went to a little bar because we were having so much fun! :) This date lasted til 2:30am & was worth every second. So much laughter with fun friends!


I'm loving.... my girls. I love them so much, they make my heart smile all day, everyday. Well, except when Ellie is bein' a little toot!

"Hi, My name is Belle & this is how I sleep. My momma thinks it's just the cutest thing ever, which is fine because I get more belly rubs this way!"

Happy "Hump" day y'all!

5 sweet comments...:

Marian said...

Love LOVE the hairstyle you picked out!!

The Life We Love said...

What a fantastic name for your blog! Love it! new reader here and excited to follow along:)

Lauren said...

My Maltese sleeps just like that! Precious puppy! :)

Rachel @ Just Peachy said...

I didn't know they had car scents at Bath and Body Works!! I'm going to have to take a trip there tomorrow.


Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

I'm loving all your loves!