Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to my DAD! I love him & can't wait to see him next weekend! He is enjoying this weekend by having NO kids in the house, ha!! My brother (who is 13) is with my grandparents traveling for 2 weeks, and obviously my sister & I have flown the nest! :)

This weekend is much needed - I have been cleaning, baking, crafting, and cooking - all while chatting on the phone with my loved ones! Thank goodness for unlimited minutes on weekends!! I know, I'm an old lady. :)

Love summa time because you can give blue kisses! ha!
Also, here are some pictures of my feathers! I love them - & I'm thinking about getting 2 more in the front of my hair.

I got pink, turquoise, and a light blue

They are kind of hard to see in pictures

And I can cover them up if need be! :)

Oh, and remember how I said Ellie was spending 2 weeks in Alpine with her brother? (Don's mom has her brother, Hudson) WELL - she sent me this picture this morning. Ellie will never want to come home to Lubbock! She is such a crazy pup, cracks me up!

Happy Weekend, y'all! :)

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Lauren said...

Love the feathers! Can't wait to get mine!