Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot-Doggin' Good Time

Well kids, the weekend is over & Monday has arrived. It was such a great weekend with great friends & family. God has blessed me too much. I can't wait to look back years down the road & read this blog, it will be fun to see what we were up to, and how much our life will change. :) I took a ton of pics with my "nice" camera & am  too lazy to upload them, ha! So... a few iPhone pics will have to due. :)

Jam packed in a suburban... :)

Road snacks are fun.

SO SO SOOOO happy to have my Ellie girl in my arms again! :)

Us girls watchin' our men play some softball!

MMmmmm HOME :)

My precious pups after their haircut :)

Gettin' our cuddle time in

Now we just have to make it to Thursday, and we're off again! Have I mentioned the 4th is all favorite holiday?! Well, it is. :)

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