Monday, June 20, 2011

Random Tid-Bits

I'm not sure why, but I am D R A G G I N G this Monday, maybe it's because I haven't had ANY coffee? I think....... I think I may need some. :)

Oh well - I'm happy the weekend is over (even though it was a nice one!), and this week has started because we are going HOME on Thursday! Yippeeeee!! The church I grew up in has am annual softball tournament every year that my love bug is participating in. He has thrown together a team from here & we are ALL ( 11 guys, & 2 girls ) packin' up & heading out! It should be interesting because Chels & I will have to "hang" with 11 smelly men. :) I'm excited though to show them all where we grew up, take them out to my parents, eat good ole Southern home cookin' ALL.WEEKEND.LONG, & have a fun, but HOT time. Hot because it's supposed to be in the 100's.

And maybe, just maybe I can LEARN to cook... but ONLY if I can wear this CUTE apron!

Moving on.... who watched Miss.USA last night? You know this girl did, I love me some pageants! Of course I was rooting for TEXAS! I was pretty proud that she was 3rd runner up. Did you know Texas has the most wins in the pageant? We know how to work it ;)

I love how they showed clips of years back. My favorite? The 50's. Classic, timeless elegance. I also love how they showed the evolution of the swim suit! 

They have definitely got smaller...and smaller....and smaller. Pretty sure they can't get any tinier - but those girls rocked them with their amazing bods. Umm, lets just say I was feelin' pretty guilty sitting there with my mint chocolate chip ice-cream. ;)

I'm just ready to be done today because lover face & I are going to hit up the sno-cone place, and then head to prayer. I hope they won't mind my blue lips. :) hehe

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Ramblin' Blonde said...

Oh you know I watched that! I competed in Miss Texas in September and watched Anna win so it was super fun getting to cheer her on last night!

Stephanie said...

Ha I said the exact same thing...they've gotten smaller and smaller through the years. Husband chimed in "yea and their boobs have all gotten bigger and bigger..."

Miss Texas was GORG! but so was Cali so I'm ok with her taking the crown! I thought Tennessee was so pretty but when she answered her question I didn't like the way she carried herself with all those hand gestures...

Maybe next year, Miss Texas! :)

Tangled In Texas said...

Fun post!

BTW - I left something for ya on my blog:

Annamarie said...

Ohhh totally craving some mint chocolate chip ice cream now!!!

P.S. Texas girls have the most poise I think, that's why we always do so well in the pageants! Plus we are all very beautiful too, duh! :o)

Jamie said...

I watched Miss USA too and thought Texas looked beautiful! I really thought she would win!