Friday, February 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life...

I love this 'Show us your life" little jig over at so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon! So this week, we are talking Beauty tips and Hair and Make-Up products! I really don't have that many products I just HAVE to have, but here are a few:

Bare-minerals, CHANGED MY LIFE!! Seriously. I started using this probably 3 years ago, and I will NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER use liquid foundation again! Yuck! I love this stuff...I use the foundation, blush, and eye-shadows.

I love this stuff, its never too early to start using age-defying creams. Its so soft and light. I usually put it on in the mornings before I apply my make-up, and then before bed at night.

I love OPI nail polish!

And Of course, I could never live with out my Burts Bees! I love it!

That's pretty much all of my "must haves." I'm pretty girly, and I love lookin' nice everyday, but I'm definitely not THAT high maintance. I feel I'm a pretty even combination between the two. OK, fine...I'm a little more girly than not. Ha!

On a different note, here are some pictures from last night. The girls and I went out for drinks, and it was perfect because I was home by 8:30. Yes, 8:30pm. Am I wild or what?? HA!

Nikki and I at Chimy's
Candice, me, & Nikki. I was sitting on my knees for the picture, that's why I'm abnormally taller than them ;)
I hope everyone has a great super bowl weekend! GO COLTS! :)

3 sweet comments...:

A Wedding Story said...

I love OPI and Essie too! You're right, go Colts!!!!

The Pressley Family said...

I haven't tried Bare Minerals, but everyone is blogging about it! I might have to visit Sephora and try it out:) I'm doing an anti-aging giveaway over at my blog. You're never to young, you're right! Go Colts!!! Gotta love those Manning boys:)

Sara said...

You're so cute! I'm also addicted to OPI nail polish, & I heard ages ago that they keep better in the fridge, so my sweet husband lets me devote a whole little compartment of our refrigerator door to my OPI collection!

Go Saints! ;)