Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I hope everyone had a fantastic love day! I had the most simple, and sweet Valentine, ever. Lets see, Friday night was the big group dinner, but I left before we had even ordered drinks because of the call.

Saturday, we went and ate at our favorite little pizza place, Dions. And then we went and saw Valentines Day, such a cute, predictable romantic comedy! Oh, I would love to have Jessica Biels arms, by the way.

Sunday, of course we went to church, and it was amazing as always. One of my good friends Katie, committed her life to Christ which was awesome! I'm so proud of her, she has come SUCH a long way. She told me she had me to thank, and that I have changed her life, but all the credit goes to the good Lord. We went back to her house and made lasagna, pasta, and salad... and it was MMmmmm mmmm good! :) Don had to go to work, so Katie and I opted to watch chick flicks, and take a 3 hour nap. Bliss. :)

That night Don gave me my presents, which were possibly the most thoughtful, and sweetest gifts I've ever received. Oh, and by the way, he is the BIGGEST mans man you'll ever meet, and he isn't the most romantic guy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. :) So, I just started my cross collection, and he got me a pretty unique one that doesn't match my walls, or any of my other crosses. Well, he got that specific one for me because if you know me, you know how close my grandmother & I are - we talk daily, and she really is one of my best friends. He decided on this particular one because he knows how much I miss her, and he knew it would remind me of her everyday. :) What makes this story special is that I had gotten this cross for my grandmother last Christmas (Don didn't know that). But what was even more special than that, it had THE sweetest message on the back. Its the most simple things that make me so happy.

Sorry its a little blurry, and of course I smeared the writing. "Without you, I would not know Gods Grace" :)
The Lord's prayer.

Pretty :)
He also got me this sweet picture frame. (That's not us in the picture ;))
After that we made our speciality, chocolate covered strawberries. :)We ate WAY too many! But it was so worth it. It was a perfect Valentines Day, & I love him. :)

I'll be heading home tomorrow to celebrate Tonya's life. My mom just keeps telling me, "she's way better off than any of us, she is with the angels!!" I love my mom. Also, thank you for your sweet words and prayers, they mean the world to me! I hope everyone has a great week! LOVE!

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Kelsey Claire said...

Aww! I love that cross and what a sweet and thoughtful gift!