Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good-Bye Sonic, Hello Lent!

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season. It affords us an opportunity to turn away from beliefs that limit or bind us. Some think of this time as a period of fasting from special foods or outer pleasures. Others believe it is a time to give up certain states of mind, certain words and ways that are not in keeping with the Jesus Christ ideal.

NO, I'm not Catholic, nor have I ever been to a "real" Catholic service, but I do participate in lent every year. And well people, it starts...TODAY. So what am I giving up? Cokes of course! Cliche, I know. But, I go to Sonic happy hour once a day, & enjoy myself a nice, cold, Dr. Pepper occasionally (my definition of occasionally=everyday) and I'm thinking, this is a little ridiculous! HAHA! So, I'm giving up ALL cokes for 40 days. Eeeek!Also, (this has nothing to do with lent) my friend Katie and I are starting a book together called, The Purpose Driven Life. You read a chapter everyday for 40 days, and its supposed to help us understand why we're alive and reveal God's amazing plan for us--both here and now, and for all eternity. At the end of each short chapter, it gives you a Bible verse to think about. We thought it would be perfect to start today, since lent is 40 days, and this book will be read in 40 days. :)

"The premise - that true purpose in life is found not in self-absorption but through faith in action" - Wall Street Journal

Speaking of Katie, I took some pictures for her a couple of days ago, and they turned out so good!

I'm excited to start this "journey!" Here is the Bible verse from the first chapter: For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible & invisible...everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him - Colossians 1:16. One thing I always keep in the back of my mind that always helps me is: thinking a nasty thought about someone (even if they've done me wrong - may seem impossible, but its not) is JUST as bad as killing, stealing, committing adultery, or any of the other 10 commandments in God's eyes. That's my tip-o-the-day. ;)
I better get on the road...HAPPY LENT!

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Kelsey Claire said...

I am also giving up coke. Cliche, yes, but oh so hard. I am already having withdrawals from my Diet Coke with Lime!