Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Momma!!!

A quick post dedicated to the BEST mom a girl could ask for!!!! I love you SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
Little brother, me, and my momma [ please excuse my burnt face ]

 I'm sorry this is so short (she will understand) but yesterday I got to baby-sit a 2 month old big blued eyed beauty for 6 hours, and TODAY I get to do it all over again!!!! AHHH, bliss. :) :) :) Happy Friday y'all!!!

3 sweet comments...:

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Hope your momma has a great birthday and that you have a great weekend! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! Have a Great Weekend!

Sarah Ann said...

Happy Birthday to your momma! :D
Sweet picture!