Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wishful Wednesday!

Another Wishful has rolled around! This weeks topic?? DIET!

I wish' .... I had the willpower to stay on one particular diet, and it would be: TO JUST EAT HEALTHY, HA!

Mmmkay so maybe that IS a little broad, BUUUTTT it's so true. I'm not kidding when I say I have some of the worst eating patterns, ever! I love, lets see - fast food, junk food, carbs (ohhh carbs), anything with pasta, candy, chocolate, CHEEEEEESE, I love myself a nice big ol' cheeseburger. Ok, I'll stop there, haha.

I wish that I LIKED eating fruits and veggies (which I do, I just prefer the other stuff) everyday, and all that other healthy junk. Hahaha. I'm on a diet right now, and let me tell ya, I'M NOT LOVIN' IT!!!!! Oh well, maybe one day I'll get to where I eat healthy 24/7...MAYBE. :)

4 sweet comments...:

Joanna Noel said...

I love cheese too! My mom calls me the mouse in the house :)

Annie said...

i am right there with you!
i just love food and eating any of it!
carbs are my weakness! i heart cheese as well but at least its low in carbs ;)

Paula Michelle said...

Hi! I saw your blog over at Whishful Wednesday, and I am in the same boat as you! I LOVE pasta, candy, chocolate, and cheese too! : )

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Lady, you are oh so right!!!! To minimize processed foods is my focus!