Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why yes, I AM going to check off my 'to-do' list on my blog!

Because I'm a procrastinator, here's a list of things I need to get done today, hehe

  • Run
  • Spring clean!!
  • Give my sweet pup a bath
  • Stuff my fat little face with some PEEPS, haha. Because I love Easter candy!
  • Get caught up on some homework - yuck!
  • Market Street to buy all the food and goodies for tomorrow
  • Boil the eggs so we can decorate them, yay!
  • Buy some lilies because well, it's just not Easter without them! :)
  • Eat lunch with my boyfran!
  • Annnd...that's all for now
One of my friends is in a photography class, & one of her assignments was to take some portraits, so here is one of them with my sweet pea :)

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Anonymous said...

you go girl! Hope you have a wonderful Easter! xoxo