Sunday, January 3, 2010

Guess who's BAAAACK!!

ME! So sorry for my prolonged absence, but this girl has been busy (as always!) Where do I even start?! Bullets it is.

  • Finals went well, but I'm so not ready to start back!!
  • I didn't go home til Christmas Day because that sweet 'ol boyfriend of mine had to work and we were only taking one car to save money AND because road trips with your best friend are kind of fun. :)
  • We were snowed in Christmas Eve, we got 6 inches of now and a whole lotta ice....NOT FUN. Driving home on that was horrible, we were slipping and sliding everywhere, but it was SO worth it when we finally saw our families!
  • Christmas was everything I had hoped for and more. With lots of food, presents, and family it was so awesome. We went to Don's ranch the day after Christmas and stayed for a couple of days. For New Years Eve, we headed out to ANOTHER ranch and celebrated BIG. It was so beautiful out there by the river, and can really clear one's head!
  • We just got back to Lubbock this morning, and boy am I homesick. I miss the mountains, clean air, tasty (and i mean TASTY) water, friendly faces, slow pace of things, the cowboys you see driving around with their trailors, and most of all my family. This always happens when I go home, so I know it will be better tomorrow but the first day back to Lubbock is always a little tough. I have really been trying to make Lubbock my "home" by finding a church I attend regulary (which I did and it has changed my life!!), good friends, organizations to get involved in, and the simplicity of life. I have found all of those, I guess I just need to focus more on them.
Well folks, I guess thats it for now. Its hard for me to concentrate right now because all I keep thinking about are all the things I need to be doing!! I have a plan for 2010 so hopefully I can get back on tonight and share it with you all! Happy New Year!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Glad your back!! Hope your having a great day! I just added you on my twitter too. Can't wait to tweet. xoxo