Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Day!!

Well, we are officially SNOWED IN! :) And I couldn't be happier! School was cancelled...hooray!!! The only little problem that I have when it snows, rains, or is even a little chilly outside, my sweet Belle won't go outside for the life of her! I let her out there, hoping she will use the restroom, but she just stands there and looks at me. She doesn't move. So then I just have to pick her up and bring her back inside! ha! On another note, our stew turned out UH-MAZING, so I'm sure we'll be feasting on that all day! One of Don's friends wants to come over & cook later, but we'll see how the weather pans out, I will NOT be driving in ice, that's for certain!

Leave your boots at the door, please! ;)
Mmmm..stew. I promise its way yummier than it looks!

Crescent rolls...


Pretty goofy picture of me, haha

She won't even put her paws in it...
RANDOM: I found this lamp at Hobby Lobby yesterday for only $4! Cute, eh?

If any of y'alls days are snowy, I hope you're cuddled up and warm! And be safe on the road! Tootle Lou! :)

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Sara said...

My teacup Maltese is SUCH a little dainty princess. She doesn't want to step off of the patio if she can even sniff a hint of rain in the air! We have to nudge her bottom off w/ our feet to get her out there!

LOL I'm hoping the "snowy" weather won't mess up our planned birthday date night tonight. Last time it did this, they closed restaurants&stores early. =(

Oh, & the stew looks yum! I've yet to figure out how to take a pretty crockpot photo!

Have a great weekend!