Thursday, January 21, 2010

Somebody call me a Waaaambulance!

I should have knocked on wood when I was bragging about my amazing immune system last week to all of my sick friends, because I'm definitely not feeling up to par. It started yesterday, I just wasn't feeling myself, but I blew it off because I very rarely get sick. Don and I went to see 'Book of Eli' and in the middle of it, I thought I was going to faint! Not a good feeling, by the way. OH, & I definitely recommend that movie to everyone! It was so good!!! Sooo, I woke up this morning, thinking I was feeling much better, until lunch. I had no appetite, which let me tell ya, is VERY unlike me. Thank goodness I'm home though. Tonight will probably consist of: soup, Real Housewives of Orange County, some Grey's Anatomy, Benydryl PM, and SLEEP. Did I mention my sweetheart of a boyfriend is sick, too??? I told him not to drink after me, dang it. Who ever will take care of me? :( I wish I had my mom at a time like this!

On one last note (that everyone is probably tired of hearing about), what do y'all think of Heidi Montag's "make-over"??? Like whoa.



I am FOR SURE this is teaching young girls and even women to love THEIR OWN bodies. Gag me...

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Leigh said...

How CRAZY is her story!! I think she looks sooo much older after the work she had done. yikes!!

I left you a suprise on my blog!!