Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - 3 min.

I just love Wednesday's just because they're so wishful! ha!

Kelsey started this over at so definitely check her out!
'I wish' .... I could spend three minutes in Jessica Simpson's shoes!

Hmmm...why you ask? Well, I really don't know, haha! I have always loved her, from newlyweds, to John Mayer, to Tony Romo, and even to that smashing pumpkins dude. I went to the State Fair last year, and she was one of the entertainers, and that girl can sing! She is also GORGEOUS (and WAY cuter in person!), AND she has the cutest Lil nephew in the world! Not to mention, she is from TEXAS!

Short post but its supposed to **SNOW** here maybe tonight, and tomorrow, so I got up early this morning and started (with the help of my bf) my first STEW! I'm so excited! I have a feeling its going to be delicious! I might just have to post some pictures ;) I also have a feeling its going to be a grand day, I'm so blessed y'all!!! :) :)

PS! All of you that read my blog, shoud read my friends blog: and leave her some lovin'!!!!!! She's new at this (as am I)!

6 sweet comments...:

Nicole said...

Great choice!!! I absolutely love Jessica Simpson. She is so talented and so gorgeous!

New follower!

Nicole Z said...

Bahaha, I knew it was going to be her! Ohhhh pal :)

Leigh said...

I love her too....everyone makes fun of me but she will forever be one of my favs!! I still pop in the Newlyweds DVD every once in a while! ha!!

Sara said...

You are too cute! You also found&posted some great photos of Ms. Jess.

I like her, too. I cried when Daisy got snatched by the coyote. I just kept imagining what I'd feel like if something so awful happened to my little Maltese. =(

melifaif said...

I think people secretively like her. I still like her. Thanks for the blog love. I am a new follower...I adore your header photo. That is terrific!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I love her for sure and would take three minutes everyday!