Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Miscellany Monday

My very first Miscellany Monday to participate in over at Carissa's blog!
{1} OUCH
I wasn't very smart last Wednesday and laid out for 4 hours straight WITHOUT sunscreen.....I know, I know...DUMB. I have now have blisters on my chest and one peely forehead/nose. Any suggestions on how to get this healed fastER?!
{2} Wedding
My BFF Nicole is coming in this Saturday with her friend Lindsey to try on bridesmaid dresses! So excited. What I'm not so excited about? Having these not-so-pretty blisters on my bare chest. :(
{3} Belle
I love this pup so much...words cannot express. I worry what I'll be like when I have children! ha! I haven't seen her since Saturday, & I miss her like CrAzY! C'mon 5 o'clock!

This was her on Sunday morning - NOT wanting to get out of bed, so sweet.
{4} My Love
I also haven't seen my peanut since Saturday, & to say I miss him may be an understatement! I can't wait to cuddle tonight! I love him <3

{5} London Bunny
I keep this PRECIOUS little girl every once in a while...and she is pretty much a mini-me. I'm BFF's with a 3 year old - awesome. PS - Isn't the name London so cute?!
{6} Perfume
I just recently started using a new perfume -  Juicy Couture and I love it!!! I have used Jessica Simpson for 2 years, but it was time for a change. :-)
Hope y'all have a wonderful week! :-)

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Claire @ Completely Claire said...

Loved reading!! :0)

littledaisymay said...

Great list :) Your little puppy is just too cute!

Kelsey Claire said...

That sunburn sounds painful! Loved your list!