Friday, July 23, 2010


OK - this is when I just LOVE having a blog. I need some make-up advice! :-)

Before I put on my foundation in the AM (which is bare-minerals powder), I use a daily moisturizer with sunscreen. For blush - I just use a cheap one from Target mixed with a little bronzer. WELL, by the end of the day, its GONE. You can barely tell I have on any blush...very frustrating because that's my favorite part about the face, well besides the lipstick. :-) I really don't have time through out the day to re-apply, and I hate looking frumpy.

Sooo, any tips on what to do? Should I try a different blush/bronzer? OR is there something out there that y'all use BEFORE you apply make-up? Any tips and advice will be GREATLY appreciated! :-)

Can you say TGIF?!?!?! Happy Friday ladies! :-)

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Mrs. Banegas said...

Maybe try a new blush. I wish I had an extra Mary Kay one I could send to you to try it. I love my Mary Kay blush. And when I wear it, I usually have no problems with it fading away by the end of the day. Lemme see what I have...I may be contacting you via FB if I can help. ;-)

Mrs. Banegas said...

Also I have a blog award to give to you! head to my blog and check it out ;-)