Tuesday, July 13, 2010


On my way to the post office, KLOVE was talking about dun, dun, dun....FACEBOOK - and how badly people are addicted to it. Now, I'm not saying I don't check my facebook at least once a day, but some people really do need FB therapy! It said 37% of woman ages 18 - 37 check their facebook before they even get up to pee or brush their teeth in the morning!

When I'm bored, or have nothing else to do, OF COURSE I check my facebook, but it's definitely not a top priority of mine. I have it on my phone, & sometimes wish I didn't. I saw this on a website, & thought I would share. It said 400 MILLION people are addicted to this site, crazy! And to be completely honest - I may be doing this more for myself, ha! I wouldnt say I'm "addicted' to facebook, but I definitely check it more times a day than I would like to. Don't get me wrong though - I think FB is great to catch up with old friends, family, and it's a great way to keep in touch with people, especially with pictures & such.

How to tell if you're addicted to Facebook
1. You are late for meetings because you are on Facebook - Negative.
2. You think about it when you are offline - Negative
3. Your friends and family comment on your excessive internet use - my mom has mentioned that she thinks I am on it a little too much. But what do mom's know? Just kidding.
4. You check your accounts from your phone - GUILTY( I think we ALL do this though, right? RIGHT? ha)
5. You get stressed when a Facebook “friend” doesn’t add you - Negative

 Some more facts I found interesing:

  •  Status Updates: There are more than 60 million status updates daily. (I bet Twitter has more!)

  • Time wasted spent: More than 6 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day.

  • Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire (owner)

  • Facebook Disease: Psychologists have introduced the diagnosis FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder), as a new kind of addiction disorder
Anywho, I'm not exactly sure what prompted me to write this post, I just found it interesing. I'm now going to read a book, finish cleaning my home, get OFF the internet, & send out some cards letting loved ones know I am thinking about them - the old fashioned way!! :-)

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littledaisymay said...

I'm the same way about Facebook too...I check it a lot but am not obsessed with it! Those facts are interesting! Hope you've had a great day :)