Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bloggy Award :-)

Thanks to Samantha, I have received & gladly accepted another bloggy award! :-) Thanks again!!!

Now, 7 things about myself :-)

I'm helping plan TWO weddings I'm in right now. One in September, & the other in April.

I have to make-up my bed every morning, & if I don't (aka running late) --- it's ALL I think about ALL day long. Sometimes when I have a few extra minutes during the day, I'll run home to make it. Crazy, I know.

I drink strong coffee with delicious creamer every morning in bed, while reading my devotional :-)

I spend way too much money on magazines.

I love the color brown & anything leopard print.

I drive a Jeep Liberty.

My Jeep Liberty is a huge mess. Ha

I hope everyone has a super Saturday!

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littledaisymay said...

I have to make my bed every day too! Love your sunglasses :) Have a wonderful weekend!