Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wine, the bug, & a HABOOB!

It feels like a Monday to me, but only because my Monday was spent on the couch with a stomach bug. It all started off well...

...with a Friday lunch with my fran, Candice at Abuelos.

After that, shopping at Ulta where I found the most magnificent make up, ever. I'll blog about it, soon. Promise.

That night? GIRLS NIGHT! We had dinner at a quaint little restaurant with lots of wine. We had a BLAST. We ended the night by going back to our friends house, & talking til 4am. It was much needed :)

Saturday. Burgers with Lauren. And not much else :) I was so tired from the night before, that I rested until 3pm when lover & I headed to a friends house to watch the RANGERS!! {More food.}

I didn't get into bed that night until almost 2am, & woke up bright & early for church that morning. Lauren & I were wearing the same shirt (different pattern) so acourse we had to get a pic! ;)

Next? Brunch. Cue Jennie feeling not-so-bueno. I sucked it up, & went anyways. I ordered the most delicious banana bread french toast with a glass of orange juice & barely touched it.

I thought that maybe I had just over done it, & needed rest. So, I went home to "rest" for about 30 minutes when we were off to another friends house to watch the Cowboys. I once again sucked it up, until the 4th quarter when around 6:30 I knew I was sick.

And sick I was. Hello 24 hour stomach bug!!!! I'm not sure if it was something I ate, eating too much, lack of sleep, or just a bug! After being spoiled rotten by my love, I'm feeling much better today. Thank goodness! It was rough, let me tell ya.

So last night, while I was quietly resting & watching my shows, something very eerie & weird happend. The sky went BLACK & orange & the wind was blowing like crazy! I honestly thought we were fixing to be hit by a tornado. No, not a tornado. We got hit by a.... "Haboob." No, I am SO not making that up, & I had never heard of it before.

The name Haboob is the rooted from the Arabic word "phenomena". This form of monsoon occurs from May until September. It's a dust storm moving at a maximum speed of 80kph (50mph), the average speed is 50kph (30mph). The storm can reach up to heights of 3000 feet. They last about three hours, in which they change the desert landscape. The Haboob wind is caused by thunderclouds in a final phase. Downdrafts in a thunderstorm causes gust fronts, descending air hitting the grond and picking up large amounts of dust. The force moves the dust from above

I live in TEXAS y'all!! Here are some pics.... & yes these are REAL! Crazy!
Orange Sky!

To say my weekend was interesting, is an understatement. Ha! I can now say I was in a haboob! The wind was SO strong, it lifted an airplane THAT WAS ON THE GROUND on it's side. Thank goodness my power never went out, but some unfortunate folks had power outage. We were advised not to leave our homes, because there was zero visibility. It was pretty nuts.

Has anyone else ever experienced this??

Happy Tuesday! :)

4 sweet comments...:

Stephanie said...

Holy crap-I live in Houston. What part of TX are you in? I had NO idea this even happened?! Nor I have EVER heard the word "Haboob" lol...

Ashleigh Nichole said...

oh my goodness that is absolutely crazy! You have without a dout had a crazy insane weekend...I would have loved to of seen that happen but then again knowing me I might have backed out once actually being in the middle of the Haboob....I am glad you are feeling better after your stomach bug

Ryan V. said...

wow, cool pictures of the haboob! I live in phoenix, az and we get them in the summer. This summer has been quite unusual and we have had like 12 huge haboobs. They are kinda neat, but kinda scary! Glad your power didn't go out!

Rebecca said...

goodness! that totally just reminded me of grapes of wrath or something haha!