Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Babies, Hair, & Fall

I've got lots of stuff to blog about! :) Shall we?

This past weekend home was unbelievably relaxing, & amazing. Pretty much..... I held my niece the entire time. She is such.a.doll. I'M SO IN LOVE, y'all. What will I be like when I have my OWN kids?!? ha!!

I die.

Sweet pea loves her Aunt :)

 My pup-girls were EXHAUSTED when we got home, I've never seen them sleep like that! Sweet thangs!

Besides that, I hung out with the fam, cooked with my mom, SLEPT IN, & giggled with my sissy. Great little get-a-way, life is so simple back home. Just the way I like it.

So who else is excited for Halloween??? I haven't dressed up in AGES (lame! i know), & so this is the year, people!! It's going to be a surprise though.

I really don't decorate for Halloween, besides my fall wreaths, pumpkins, & what-not. I'm a HUGE Christmas fanatic decorator! I did buy this fun stuff at Target yesterday, though. Apple cider & Halloweeny cupcakes anyone?? All while watching Hocus Pocus??? Yes, please! My friend Lauren & I were having a "Jesus convo" when I randomly said something about this apple cider, love that girl.

So, y'all all know me as a blonde, right? Right. I love, love, love my blonde hair, but unfortunately my natural color is a mousy brown. Sad, I know. I've been getting regular highlights put in for years, every.two.months & frankly I'm quite sick of it! Mainly because:
 When I can see just a tad bit of root, I freak. I feel gross, which can simply ruin a girls day. Pathetic? Probably.

The solution?

I'm going brunette, y'all!! ha! I'm thinking of doing something like this, with some caramel highlights.

I know, I know - IT'S JUST HAIR. Trust me, I know. But this is a pretty big change for me! And who knows, I may be blonde again in a couple of months. Can anyone relate??? My lover has ALWAYS loved my dark hair, so I'm going to surprise him. Hopefully he won't read this before hand. Anyways, I'll be taking before & after pictures for all you ladies. I'm quite excited! :)

This is what today looks like:
And I'm lovin' it!

Ok, so this post is totally rando but how much do y'all love the new ABC show, Pan Am?! It's definitely a new favorite of mine. I love the old 1950's look & the feel of the whole show.

I hope everyone is having a great "Hump Day" so far! :)

5 sweet comments...:

Tiffany said...

Your niece is precious!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I just went from being bleach blonde, to a mix between Jennifer Anniston's dark and Emma Watson. I LOVE IT! Go for It! Can't wait to see what you decide to do!

Jamie said...

Your niece is SO cute!

I think you'd look great with that hair pretty!

♡ Beverly {Preppy Wife Preppy Life} said...

Love all the baby pictures.. precious!

I cannot wait to see the before and after pictures! I have dyed my hair brown twice I always end up putting high lights in to make it blonde again... within that week! Can't wait I am sure it will look great!

Jess said...

Your niece couldn't be more beautiful and I'm like you, "when am I going to have a little one of my own?" haha

And LOVE your hair idea! Gorgeous!