Monday, October 10, 2011


Hey y'all! As we say from Texas....

It's Monday, & so here is a little weekend re-cap! :)

Lets see, Friday night. Lovehead & I kept it pretty low key. I made a new dish (via Pinterest acourse), & it was delish! And now I can't find the pin...go figure.

We ended up staying up til 3am just talking, drinking wine, & dancing in the living room. Totally random right?? But ohhh it was so much fun. :) Needless to say, I slept in later than I have in a LONG time, so after so coffee & donuts, I was ready to roll!

Saturday. We watched football Don't get me wrong, I do love football but c'mon. 12 hours of it??!!? ha!!!

Also - our TEXAS RANGERS are in the play-off to the world series baby!!!!!! This is H U G E. AND, it was my grandpa's birthday on Saturday. 76 years young. This man is my hero, & pretty sure I could go on & on & on about him... :)

Sunday. It's my favorite day of the week, easy. I get to worship my God, listen to my favorite pastor speak, & enjoy the day with loved ones. So, we of course went to church, & hit up Abuelos after. My fav!! ;)
 I finally was able to wear my new riding boots because it was pretty cool out.

Next? To the pumpkin patch we go!!! I LOVE everything about Fall, & this is definitely one of my favorite activities.

We needed some stuff at Target, so of course we goofed off & tried on the silly costumes. Kids are heart.

We just hung out the rest of the afternoon, I made chili dogs for my love & his bro, & baked my Nannie's famous banana bread. SO GOOD. It was a great day/weekend!

Oh, & I'll be going brunette this Thursday. So I only have a few more days of being blonde! ah! :)

6 sweet comments...:

Emily said...

I love how we live our lives from pinterest now ;) I like your riding boots & I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend!

Jordan said...

I love those riding boots! I'm in the market for a new pair..

Jess said...

Where did you get those riding boots? I love them!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

It looks like you had a blast and a very busy entertaining weekend :)I think several of us ladies have decided to live our lives threw pinterest!

Lauren said...

love those cutesy boots and adorable outfit! Isn't Fall the best time of the year! :)

Jamie said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend :)

Can't wait to see pics of your new 'do!