Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Link up at Jaime's for her oh-so-popular WILW!
FYI - this is very rando, maybe boring :)
I'm LOVING... how happy and joyful I've been feeling lately. Everything seems to be falling into place, and I know that is ALL God's doing. If I could just be patient & have faith God will take care of me - I'd be a lot less stressed out! :) Too Blessed to be Stressed!

I'm LOVING... that our Ellie girl is FINALLY house-trained! She has not had one accident since we've been home. yay! It took me literally a week to train Belle, so it was starting to get frustrating with Ellie, but all dogs are different - AND Belle is the best dog, EVER.

The best pic I could get of her - she's a little firecracker!
Can't forget my sweet Bellie - whose getting groomed on Friday!

I'm LOVING... these pastel colored M&M's! They are so much more fun to eat! :) not sure my hips would say the same. ha!

I'm LOVING... my scentsy light! These little things are AWESOME. And this scent?? Heaven.

I'm LOVING... this picture of a beautiful sunset back home....Sigh.

I'm LOVING... how great I felt after work out this morning. I haven't updated on how many lbs I've lost each week because I haven't been weighing myself, ha! I always forget, and I know I gained some back from this past weekend. Oops. But I will hopefully get a post up soon about how Bikini Boot camp has been going! :)

I'm LOVING... SPRING! Flowers are starting to bloom, the grass is green, and I can smell that sweet smell of a freshly cut-yard almost daily. :-) Happy girl.
I thought this outfit I threw together would be cute for Sunday, or just a fun day of shopping with the girls!

8 sweet comments...:

Savanah said...

such cute puppies :)
and I LOVE scentsy!

Michelle said...

I love this entry! I might start doing this on Wednesday! :)

btw esp love the Scentsy one since I sell it hehe!

Kit said...

Great things you are loving today! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Love your pup...she is SO cute!

Joeylee said...

scentsy is awesome. what a pretty sunset!

Leah said...

Love your outfit choice! Wish I could motivate myself to work out in the morning!

Chelley N said...

I'm stopping by from the WILW link-up to say hi. I LOVE pastel colored M&Ms too. What is it about those pretty colors that make them taste better? Haha.

Greer's Gossip said...

Your pups are precious and I love that outfit!!!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Your little girls are SO cute :)