Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bikini Boot-Camp

So, I'm always reading blog post about girls wanting to lose weight... I've just never done one myself probably because I don't want to end up disappointing myself in the end. Let me just say- I can TOTALLY relate. I'm definitely not one of "those girls" who can eat ANYTHING, & never gain one pound - although I WISH I was. Ha! I"m also not one that can only eat a meal a-day.....uhhhh no thanks! I guess I'll give you a little background on myself. :)
Growing up I was always the skinny, bony little kid. High school rolled around & I stayed pretty fit ONLY because of sports; volleyball, track, tennis, & of course the dreaded off-season kept me in tip top shape. My senior year I actually lost quite a bit of weight & hit my lowest weight, which for me was unhealthy. I weighed 115- which is pretty skinny for my build & height. I eventually gained what I needed to back.

So then......... College rolled around. Dun dun DUN. It started off great & I actually LOST weight. I was terrified of gaining that "freshman15." Little did I know - I would gain the sophomore 20 +! I worked out regularly & was actually in awesome shape.

THEN... I moved to Lu*****. It's been 4 years & I've GAINED close to 20 pounds. That may be shocking to people I know... Let me just say I hide it well. ;) ha. And I gradually gained it, not all at once which is probably why I don't look like I've gained that much... But I FEEL IT. And that my friends is almost worse. People tell me all the time that it's crazy I want to lose 20 lbs. But it's not to me. And really? It's more about FEELING good again, & being healthy.

So acourse I've tried loosing it. I've lost some, the gained it back, etc. It's a vicious cycle that drives me INSANE! WHY IS THIS SOOOOOOO HARD?! I'll tell you why - and it's actually pretty simple. I love it. I'm from Texas so BBQ, steak, potatoes, & all that good stuff comes pretty natural to these taste buds ;) Also - MEXICAN FOOD IS MY FAV! I could LIVE off chips & salsa! I'm sure y'all have heard me talk about Abuelos on here a time or two ;) ha. Also - sweets. I'm a sucker for sweets. I love going "out" to restaurants, etc. And cheese? Yummm cheese. OK - enough about food, it's making me hungry. haha! I'll get to the point before I bore y'all to death.

Starting on Monday morning at 5:45 am I will be starting my first ever BIKINI BOOTCAMP! And boy am I excited!!! I had my consultation with the fitness studio yesterday where they weighed me, and took all my measurements. Ah, painful. I'm going to "change" my diet...not necessarily GO on a diet, because let's face it - those DO NOT work for me. I'm just going to decrease my calorie intake, and eat HEALTHY. On the right hand side of my blog, I will be keeping track of how much weight I've lost each week. I will tell you though that I build muscle rather QUICKLY - so don't be surprised if I end up not losing 20 lbs. They measured everything on me as well, so I'll be posting how many inches I'll be takin' away. Like I said before - its more about how I FEEL in my clothes; not really about how much WEIGHT I'm loosing. :) It is nice to see you're making a little progress though. :)

We will start every morning with a mile run., and then each day will be something different. It's Monday-Friday, 6-7am for 6 weeks. I hope I can make it! Hopefully I'll earn myself one of these T-shirts.

I'm going to be updating my progress on the handy dandy blog, so keep me accountable peeps! Hmmm Easter Peeps. I'm ridiculous.

So on this lovely of a Saturday, I will be getting a mani/pedi, watching my love play in a softball tourney, lunch somewhere, and then the rodeo is tonight! I see a little 2-steppin' in my near future! :)

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Ashley Lauren said...

Good luck girl!! I know what you mean about the steak, potatoes & BBQ.. food is just SO TASTY here in Texas lol. Have a great day doll!! xoxo

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