Friday, January 7, 2011


Hey y'all! I just wanted to say thank YOU for all my new followers - makes this girl ohhhh so happy! :):):) First off if you're new...tune in HERE to see my very first post!

Now - I'm not the best blogger as in - I don't blog everyday (I wish I could - & I'm going to try my hardest to start!), and I'm sure sometimes my topics can be extremely boring to read, but I guess thats what makes blogging so fun - you can write whatever your pretty little mind thinks up & its YOURS. :)

Second - my grammar, punctuation, spelling & all that jazz isn't too great (ha!) so bear with my in that department :)

And one more quick thang - I have had SO many compliments on my blog design...which I L O V E. BUT, I can't take all the credit because this cool gal, PinkLouLou designed it for me! SOOOO...go check out her blog HERE. Oh, & yea - that IS Carrie Underwood with her in her jealous.

ITS FRIIIIIIIDAY, yippeeeee! :)))

4 sweet comments...:

Young and Fabulous said...

love the blog design so cute! and yeah the best thing about blogging is you can write WHATEVER your lil heart desires! :)

have fun! cant wait to read more!

Jamie said...

Yay for more bloggy friends!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Ally said...

Love your blog! Thank you for commenting on mine the other day! My email messed up so I wasn't able to reply :( But I LOVE that pinkloulou designed your blog!! I hate that department of the bloggy world, its such a pain!

Anonymous said...

Love your layout, so cute!