Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm a simple gal...if I do say so myself. Simple things in life make me the happiest. Things like:

* True love, feeling LOVED, loving someone with all your heart, loving a dog like it was your own child. Just.... LOVE in general.
* Sonic Diet DP's with vanilla
* A song on the radio that comes on at the EXACT right moment
* The perfect amount of know, the kind the makes the day perfect
* Going home to my small hometown of Alpine, & hugging my family so tight I feel like my heart will burst!
* Conversations with your best friend. Whether it be on the phone, through facebook chat, or in person over a glass of wine or Mexican food... the kind that when you get done you feel.... refreshed. Blessed.
* A night filled with food, jammies, & a great Reality show......... like THE BACHELOR that comes on tomorrow night!!!
* The perfect Bible verse at the perfect moment
* The smell of a new BOOK...Hmmmmm
* My planner & mechanical pencil

Last night, lovehead & I had a "date night" and it was simple, but perfect. We went & ate at our favorite gourmet pizza place...

And then we saw  "Little Fockers"...
It was pretty cute, & funny like all the rest of them! I recommend y'all go see. :) And tonight we are cooking dinner, watching our TV shows, & cuddling by the fire. I said before.... I'm a simple girl. :)

2 sweet comments...:

Leah said...

My new planner for 2011 made my week! Vera Bradley was having a sale, which makes it even better!

I still want to go see Little Fockers! Have a great night!

Annie said...

love your list :)
my hubby and i need a date night asap, our plan is to go to red robin and then see little fockers. i can't wait to see it!!