Thursday, January 13, 2011

Black Vanilla Current on our way to Sun Harvest (our new grocery store where everything is FRESH & expensive) I "stumbled" upon Bath & Body Works; let me just say its in the same shopping square....ok ok its next door. ha! I love that place.

WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL I ended up spending waytoomuch money on this AMAZING stuff. Girls............I kid you not --- this is the MOST amazing smell EVER.

It's called: Black Vanilla Current. Its awesome & amazing. Not a vanilla lover? Me either. Don't doesnt smell anything like smells of amaziness. Its sexy & romantic...but not too much that you can't wear it in the middle of the day. Even if it were too romantic, I'd still wear it 24/7. Ha.It's in the aromatherapy section, so go buy at least the lotion....& let me know what ya think. :) Today I purchased the lotion, oil (that you burn), a candle, bodywash, & 2 (YES - T-W-O) sprays.
I used the word amazing 4 times during this post......ha! Which must mean its pretty dang amazing. Oops - 5.

I am now making myself laugh...while probably annoying the heck out of y'all. Its called too much coffee...hehe. Happy Thursday ladies!

5 sweet comments...:

Nicole said...

LOVE Bath and Body Works! I want to smell this.. I bet I would love it! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday!

Neely said...

I got some of that body wash in my stocking :) yum!

agalandherdog said...

Haha, I'll have to smell it. It sounds pretty AMAZING!

Megan said...

I love bath and body works! I will definitely have to try this one out!!

Annie said...

haha, you are too cute!! i will have to check out this scent next time i'm in there. i haven't found one i really like in a long time. thanks for sharing :)