Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Time for some What I'm Loving Wednesday! :)

I'm loving... this cute wallet & bracelet I purchased this past weekend.

I'm loving... that I FINALLY got all my spring cleaning out of the way! I organized every bin & nook, threw away bags & bags of STUFF, dusted & wiped down every area possible, and even gave a lot of my clothes to goodwill. :) organized home = happy girl.

I'm loving... that I subscribed to Southern Living again. You see, I had done it once, but the I guess the order never went through so I finally had a chance to order again. I'm so excited - the recipes and decorating advice are my favorite!!

I'm loving... that we have a fun/low-key weekend planned which includes: planting flowers, going to the drive-in movie (YAY!), I'm going to do some craft projects, grilling out with friends, cooking, going to church, & relaxing!
I'm loving... these Mason jars I bought! I LOVE drinking pink lemon-aide out of them in the summertime! Or a cold glass of milk at night. cute.

I'm loving... this sweet picture. Makes me happy. :)

I'm loving... that we got to have a friend date yesterday! It was rare that the 3 of us got to get together :) Didn't get a pic of Lauren.

I'm NOT loving... that the wind & dust is SO bad here. We got caught in a dust storm ( we were sitting on the patio) and all of our drinks were ruined. :( I'm worried because we are in tornado alley.

I'm loving... my new little set-up by my front door. :)

I still need to change out that picture AND this was taken with my iPhone

I hope everyone has a great "hump" day! :)

13 sweet comments...:

Anonymous said...

I love the mason jar lights! So cute!

Kit said...

I love the mason jar light!!! That is so cool!!!

You are loving some great things today! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! ;) Your wallet and bracelet are so cute. I took three Walmart bags of clothes to Goodwill yesterday, too. I also love Mason jars, mint juleps, and Southern Living!

agalandherdog said...

Lots of great stuff!

Kristen said...

Love what you did with your entry! Especially that pop of color on the table. :)

Happy Wednesday!

aapuzzanchera said...

i like mason jars too!!!
visiting from WILW

Emily said...

The mason jar lights are SO cute!!!

Joeylee said...

what a great idea for the mason jar light, so cute

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

I love mason jars too...there's so many cute things you can do with them!

Miss Lace said...

I looooove using mason jars for just about everything! Especially as a vase for flowers. Cute blog, new follower!

Neely said...

Cuuuuute idea for mason jars!

♡ bAs said...

Love the mason jars & Southern Living is a favorite of mine! <3
Have fun at your drive-in movie that sounds like a lot of fun!

ty said...

I LOVE mason jars ... my friend Susie and I are buying some for a BBQ we're throwing on Thursday :)