Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vampire was in my CITY!!!!!!!!!! Team Edward!

Team Edward anyone??????? Guess who was in Lubbock on Monday night?!?!!? You guessed right people! Robert Pattinson!!!!

Word on the street was, he had a plane layover, & rented out one of the bars next to Texas Tech called Crickets which is one of my favorite bars here. They have over 100 different beers on tap!

Here he is with 3 of the bartenders. 2 of them I know....LUCKY GIRLS!!! GO HERE to read more!
It was on perezhilton.com first thing Tuesday morning! I just think its pretty crazy that a HUGE celebrity was in little ole Lubbock, Texas. One of my friends drove by, and there were girls EVERYWHERE! Ha!

Another one of my friends was IN THE BAR (before they kicked everyone out).......AND.....WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM and didn' She said she thought it was him, but then thought, YA RIGHT. So, she left. HA!!

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Candice Pair said...

I would have DIED...plain and simple!!!!