Thursday, September 2, 2010

Seriously, y'all...

This weather (its raining outside & a coldfront is headed our way, YESSSSSS) /season makes me SO happy...seriously y'all. :):) It's about time to change out my summer, flowery scented candles to my fall, cinnamon ones. LOVE IT!!!!!! Right now we're watching Southern Miss & South Carolina...boyfriend said we're rooting for S. Carolina. hahahaha. Don't worry girls...I will be watching Real Housewives of DC at 9! ha!

Our first football game is on Sunday, WRECK 'EM TECH!!!!!!!! Whoooo - hooooooooooooo! Here are some pictures of years past at games:

                                                            Nicole's brother & D's mom - 2007
                 On the bus...2007 I believe. I swear we were excited...just got off guard. :)
Just a-walkin' to the game....
This guys face is priceless, hahaa
               Lauren happy we were winning :)

I love reading blogs with every one's favorite football teams and all the games they attend, so fun. :) Makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside.
Don't forget to check out my post below...because this girl blogged TWICE in one day!

Oh - and I was checking out my stats...& apparently I had 53 views on my blog today, I feel so don't forget to leave comments because it's very OBVI it makes me happy. :)

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