Monday, December 5, 2011

Here it is...

... a whole lot of mumble jumble. Ready? ha. 

1. It's a snow day here people!!!! Let me just say - when it snows in Texas, everything shuts down. But, I love it. This is Ellie's first snow & she LOVES it. When I took her on her walk this morning (bad idea on my part) she acted like a crazed dog! Jumping, running through it as fast as she could -- it was hilarious. My other pup Belle can't stand to get her paws wet, so after she did her business, her furry butt was back inside.

All bundled up :) 

2. This is my view since it IS a snow day. Pure.Bliss. Working from home, drinking coffee, & blogging. Multi-tasking at it's finest. ;)

3. I proudly made my first pound cake this weekend. It was soooo good & fattening! Sorry for the crazed look on my face, ha!

4. I'm loving this new fingernail polish I purchased by Essie, in marshmallow. I was a little nervous to try an all white on my nail, but I have got so many compliments!

5. Let's talk coffee. I looooove coffee, but I HAVE to have creamer in it. I usually keep a couple of options for me in the fridge, but as you can see here, I have 5. ha! My fav so far is the Pumpkin Spice. But word on the street is that there are 2 new Holiday flavors I MUST try. Also, I love spices. So, I decided to try a little cinnamon sugar & Pumpkin Spice {can't get enough of pumpkin, can i?} in my coffee grounds & it was YUM! Highly suggest.

6. There is nothin' better than a mound of marshmallows on a steamy cup of hot chocolate on a winter day.

7. I made "brinner" (breakfast for dinner) the other night for my boy & I --- & let's just say I didn't disappoint. ;) Sausage balls, pancakes, & eggs oh my!! It's one of my favorite things to eat for dinner, & one of my favorite childhood memories.

8. Pie.Bar.Fun. Need I say more?? My friendy Lauren & I randomly found this pie bar called, The Choc'late Mousse a couple months ago that we finally decided to try! It's bran new, SO SO cozy inside, & who doesn't like different variations of pie?! I chose the chocolate mousse, & gingerbread crust. We will be going back.

9. Michael Buble {Holiday} on Pandora is my fav. 'Nuff said.

10. This isn't random at all, but we have a little dilemma. My 6 yo pup Belle has gained alittletoomuchweight. So, she needs to go on a diet. BUT - my other almost 1 yo pup Ellie, is TOO skinny (Belle eats all her food, but don't tell her I told you) & needs to GAIN weight. So we have had to start feeding them at separate times, with different food. Ellie is loving the eating twice a day, but poor Belle only eats once a day. I think we've all felt her pain before --- diets are SO not fun.

Such a random post, but that seems to be my life right now. Happy Monday & stay warm! :)

8 sweet comments...:

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Yea so um I have officially decided I am coming to join you... looks like you have had way more fun then me today lol...Gettin the next flight out to your house :)

Rebecca said...

such cute pups! And I looove coffee =]

Stephanie said...

WHAT?! It's snowing where you are?! Can't believe that!! Lucky girl...we never get snow days here in Houston. We get days lol.

Anonymous said...

Snow day! so jealous! love your random post! i'm a coffee lover too!

Turtles and Pearls said...

Your post made me really want to have brinner tonight!!! We did that when I was a kid, too! And that mousse looks SO good!!

Lauren said...

Such a cute post! I'm praying for a snow day tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

pups are adorable. I wish it would snow in Houston! I want a white Christmas!

Jamie said...

I always love seeing pictures of Ellie and Belle...they remind me so much of my little Daisy!