Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My First Post of Twenty-Twelve!

First & foremost---HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I have some major catch up to do on this little ole blog of mine so here we go! We've had a very busy past couple of weeks...

We went home a couple of days before Christmas, & pulled off a wonderful surprise party for D's mom on the 23rd! It was awesome!

I spent Christmas day with lots of family, & made red velvet pancakes that morning, which we decided would be a new tradition. They were SOOO good! We also had a WHITE Christmas which made the day even more cozy & fun....well, the driving on ice part was NOT fun considering my parents house is on a hill! We got so many wonderful things.

My sister & baby niece came back with us on the 27th (Tuesday) to stay til Sunday. We literally SHOPPED til WE DROPPED all week, went out to eat, stayed up late talking, and it was fabulous. My friends even got to meet my sweet pea!

My parents came up on Friday to spend New Years with us! It was a great weekend filled with {more} shopping, pedi/mani's, food, & fun.The two bottom pictures are from Cracker Barrel -- love those cute little syrups, & the chicken & dumplings are my FAV! :)
 They left on Sunday, & I must admit I teared up. Spending almost 2 weeks with my niece was so special, I miss her so much!

I had off on Monday, & it was spent taking down Christmas decor {boo}, having my carpets cleaned, having the puppy dogs groomed, laundry, & more organizing! Fun times.

Every new year, I always feel the need to clean, & re-vamp myself---which means hair cut on Friday! :)

I am definitely rambling now...so Happy Tuesday!

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Ashleigh Nichole said...

aww looks like you had a super busy time sweet girl yet a very fun one & I just love that little one she is so cute & adorable I so think I wanna come steal her :)