Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Weekend & THE "Red Cup"

Happy Hump Day! I feel like I have so much to blog about, let's get started.

FIRST OFF... It's November! By far my favorite month for many reasons. Thanksgiving, the overall feeling of sweet November, & my birthday acourse!

This past weekend, D's brother, sister in law, & mom came into town, & we had so much fun --as always. We went to the corn maize, went out to eat, shopped, watched football, & hung out. 

And of course -- I can't forget to show y'all the girls Halloween outfits! Ellie the princess, & Belle the shark. ha!

D & I both had off on Monday (odd) so we decided to have a Funday Monday! We ate at chick-fil-A, grabbed coffee at Starbucks, went to Hobby Lobby, & painted pottery at our local "Mud Room." He opted for an owl mug for his sweet granny, & I painted letters for my niece, Adalee Paige! I can't wait to pick them up in a week!

That night after prayer, we made a new recipe! Chicken Dumpling Casserole via Pinterest. It was SOOOOO good, perfect comfort meal complete with Caesar salad & rolls.

We had Lauren over & we all watched Hocus Pocus.

 It was a great "3 day" weekend, but unfortuntely D's brother was sick was a nasty cough/cold & everyone but my love caught it :( A trip to the doc yesterday & I called it a night at 7pm. I used to have the most amazing immune system, I NEVER got sick. It's because I always bragged about it -- it's decided to fail me. ;)

And one last thing -- you know it's te Holidays when the official Red Cup from Starbucks makes it's appearance!!! ahhh!! :):):)

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Anna said...

I totally feel you on the immune system part! I never, ever got sick, even when everyone else in the house had swine flu. But this year I've caught every little thing possible. I'm not used to being sick constantly!


Jamie said...

Your Monday sounds like the perfect day!

cityscapes and romance said...

I've just found your blog and it's absolutely delightful, I love it! I'm so jealous that you're a Texas girl, I'd love to go there! so much better than England! :)

cityscapes and romance said...

Also! since I just found your blog today I've been addicted to reading and have read to way back when! Also, here in England there's a very South-American stereotype and you've just pretty much broken the stereotype! In England a lot of people see South-Americans as people who lack charm! But you've just backed my point that you southerners are absolutely charming and lovely! <3